Chiranjiv Patel is directing Indian startups in the UAE for better exposure

Published: Wed 27 Apr 2022, 11:23 AM

Chiranjiv Patel shares, "Entrepreneurship is all about creating solutions to the existing problems or can be there in the future. And I love being a part of something about shaping the world, simplifying it and making it better with each version." And that's how entrepreneurship and people enthusiastic about it are the people Patel can easily connect with.

Patel is a dynamic entrepreneur who started his journey as an entrepreneur and has been learning for more than a decade. He is a person who is driven to build the startup ecosystem faster and better. He is MD of PC Snehal Group and has spent a decade building and connecting with entrepreneurs. With his commitment and dedication to uplifting the new businesses, he is also a mentor under the Startup India initiative by the Government of India. He is known for uplifting the entrepreneurial ecosystem. He believes in growing with the young entrepreneurial minds and is passionate about building them and their brands to strengthen the economy and the ecosystem of the country.

Re.1 mentorship programme

From his initial days as a professional, Patel has been highly inclined toward providing education, mentorship and youngsters. To channel their energy in the right direction to boost the nation and its economy.

To spend more time with the passionate and upcoming entrepreneurs, he curated a Re.1 mentorship programme. In that, startups profiles from across the state are reviewed and then given a chance to get mentorship from Patel. He believes nothing is more decadent than experiences and likes to guide people based on his entrepreneurial ventures.

The programme opens its registration process every year, and from various profiles, only a few are selected for mentorship. The mentorship program consists of multiple sessions with practical and theoretical information throughout the year. For Re.1 mentorship programme, the team has received more than 2000 profiles each year, and 500 businesses have been mentored under the programme.

He said: "I love when youngsters share their ideas and are hopeful towards making it all come true. And I love when it all comes true with the guidance and experiences of entrepreneurship."

His love for guiding startups was acknowledged well by the Start-up India programme, which offered him to be an official mentor. He has conducted more than five startup booster sessions for the Start-up India programme. He is also an independent director for Startups at GUSEC, an initiative by Gujarat University back the startup Ecosystem of Gujarat. Overall, Patel has mentored around 5000 startups. Out of which few are a part of a one million dollar club. This is how he is supporting the young brains and boosting the startup ecosystem.

Encouraging businesses in the UAE

With empowering businesses under the Re1 mentorship programme, entrepreneurs were also encouraged to initiate their business startup business setups in the UAE for better opportunities. The UAE is a promising hub for many entrepreneurs to start their entrepreneurial journey. Their infrastructure, policies and more make it friendly for the business community to grow faster in the the UAE. "Start-up venture, Amaze World mentored under Re 1 mentorship programme were recently present to attend the World Blockchain Summit held in Dubai and built some great connections," Patel said.

"Connecting with businesses and people of the UAE made many startups realise that the UAE is a friendly place to build any business," Patel added.

Podcast: Entrepreneurial Adventures by CP:

To encourage entrepreneurship, mentorship and entrepreneurs globally, he also curated a podcast called 'Entrepreneurial Adventures' by CP.

The podcast was released just after relief from the pandemic to help boost businesses globally. The podcast was loved and cherished by the entrepreneurs. The podcast with ten episodes talked about an entrepreneur's journey, struggle, and experiences with examples that would encourage the entrepreneurs to grow their businesses and not give up. He said: "Bringing this podcast was everything for me, and it is something significant and close to my heart. It was something I could do for people to revive their business from the pandemic and upscale without losing hopes and giving up."

The podcast was also trending and crossed more than 10,000 listeners on various streaming platforms and is still available on multiple platforms.

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