CEO of JBS Group honoured with doctorate of excellence

Published: Mon 22 Aug 2022, 11:17 AM

Dubai City recently witnessed the launch of Niagara Blockchain city. As a part of the inauguration ceremony, the chancellor and vice chancellor of European Digital University professor Sidhic Mohammed, professor Suzanne Ann Minor and the advisory board members of the Niagara Blockchain City, Dr Sudheer Puliyodan honoured several dignitaries around the globe for their contribution in their respective fields.

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Dubai-based entrepreneur Dr Shanid Muhammed, founder and CEO of JBS Groups of Companies was honoured with doctorate of excellence for his contributions in leadership and international business.

In the speech delivered following his honouring, Dr Muhammed added that Blockchain technology is still pretty new to the world and Dubai plays a vital role in promoting the development of Blockchain technology and showing it's importance.

Niagra Blockchain City is a revolutionary concept which will integrate real estate with Blockchain and internet of things (IoT). Dr Muhammed also added that he would be happy to help anybody who would want to setup their business based on this technology in Dubai and around the globe with his team of experts.

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