Celebrating ‘AFIA Day’ with InsuranceMarket.ae

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Avinash Babur, Founder and CEO and Alfred, Brand Mascot of InsuranceMarket.ae
Avinash Babur, Founder and CEO and Alfred, Brand Mascot of InsuranceMarket.ae

Published: Thu 21 Jul 2022, 9:59 AM

Last updated: Thu 21 Jul 2022, 12:03 PM

It was surely a happy Monday for those working for AFIA Insurance Brokerage Services LLC this week. July 18 marked the company’s 27 years since incorporation, and it’s come a long way in that time. The parent company of insurance giant, InsuranceMarket.ae, unbelievably started life from very humble beginnings in an apartment in Al Karama in 1995 and in the ensuing years, has grown into the largest insurance platform in the UAE. So, what’s its secret? Keen to hear more about this amazing success story, we spoke to two of the company’s executives.

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Rachel Al Mughairi, chief engagement officer at AFIA/InsuranceMarket.ae, said: “Working in such a fast-paced, results-driven company, we are sometimes so forward focused that we forget to stop and reflect on just how far we’ve come and how much we’ve achieved. That’s why we decided to hold our inaugural ‘AFIA Day’ celebratory event in our offices in Dubai. We wanted all our employees to join us in celebrating our achievements. It was great to hear Avinash talk about the company’s journey and to be able to share the festivities with colleagues. We also had a special guest appearance from our famous frontman, Alfred, who was on hand to share in a slice of the action, and the huge cake.”

Avinash Babur, CEO, InsuranceMarket.ae, added: “When my father started AFIA 27 years ago, he had a vision. And when I took the helm in 2010, I had big plans and even bigger dreams, and the great thing is I’ve never stopped having them. I truly believe that the sky’s the limit when it comes to what we can achieve, and with the talented and committed team we’ve thankfully been able to assemble, there’s really no stopping us in our quest to continue to lead the way for the UAE insurance market, and beyond.”

Sounds like the next 27 years are going to be meteoric!

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