Catcoin set to beat futuristic trends

Published: Thu 9 Jun 2022, 4:22 PM

Crypto is the buzzword of this millenial. No other concept has gained traction at par with the nitty gritties of blockchain technology. From Bitcoin to Ethereum and now contemporary coins such as Shiba Inu, the journey from rags to riches of cryptocurrencies has caught eyeballs due to the massive return value and the aspiration to move ahead with the future. Coins such as the Catcoin are emerging to trudge the path of cryptocurrencies that rose to fame and left early investors making ten-fold returns. Being one of the most new-age based cryptocurrencies, Catcoin is unique in comparison with other cat-themed cryptocurrencies.

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What's interesting about has introduced the revolutionary Cryptocurrency that is known as (CATCOIN) which puts cats up against dogs on the Web 3.0. Working on the similar lines as that of other digital currencies, it is based on Binance Smart Chain. Catcoins, like Bitcoin, are uniquely distinct since they have a limited supply of 100,000,000,000,000,000 (one hundred quadrillions). Its peer-to-peer architecture incentivises it with the prime benefits of decentralisation and transparency. What's interesting is the value addition aspect of the coin, Catcoin beats inflation and becomes more valuable with time and is hence closely monitored by several ace investors.

The deflationary cryptocurrency is a class apart token which was originally a coin but got converted into a token making it highly adaptable to various new horizons of investing in assets, currencies, or rewards for performing any task over the blockchain. The concept of tokenisation enables innumerable digital ventures and projects to flourish and make their presence felt among investors and masses alike.

Another magnificent aspect of Catcoin is that 97 per cent of its token is available for the general investor community and the remaining three per cent is reserved for marketing purposes. Based on a stable 8 per cent charge on every sale, the total charges are bifurcated with 6 per cent being reserved for liquidity. The soaring token is hitting new highs with more investors tapping into this futuristic token. The vision of the team behind Catcoin is to launch DAO Catdex and other projects to better serve the Catcoin community.

For the people, of the people

Catcoin is a BEP20 token which can be used as a digital asset and is unique in its offering. Unlike other cat-theme tokens it comes under DAO governance which means the project functions without intervention from any third party authority. This implies that bodies such as governments cannot exercise any control or leverage upon the process and it is completely transparent. The token thrives and serves the community that it is made up of by making it highly decentralised with community members/investors/promoters deciding its fate.

A boost to all private transactions, the token is highly flexible and scalable giving it an edge as compared to other cryptos. With its unprecedented use-cases and heavy business adaptability, Catcoin is leading with its endeavours.

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