Brandon Shiu-Nan See: Three critical qualities that every leader should inculcate

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Published: Sun 21 Nov 2021, 12:30 PM

Being a leader in any field is a huge responsibility. Believing in the strength of your convictions and being prepared to shoulder the weight of every decision you make is a big ask. People look to leaders to show them the way when none can be found and to find solutions to seemingly unsolvable problems. A leader has no one else to turn to when the going gets tough and must rely on their resilience, resolve, and resourcefulness to win the day. Fashion entrepreneur Brandon Shiu-Nan See embraced the mantle of a leader at a young age. It’s a role he wears well. However, he knows from experience that even born-leaders have to work hard to adopt certain qualities. Taking a break from his busy schedule, Shiu-Nan See kindly agreed to share three critical qualities he believes every leader should embrace.

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A sense of vision and purpose

A leader without a clear and defined vision and sense of purpose is like a ship without a rudder and will soon run adrift. If you don’t know your goals and don’t’ have a clear idea of how to achieve them, how can you expect anyone else to follow you? Your vision should inspire others with its brilliance and clarity. Likewise, your sense of purpose should be made of steel and be able to withstand any storm. People respond to strength and expect their leaders to be the shelter in any storm and bridge over the most troubled water.

The power of positive thinking

Shiu-Nan See often cites his biggest inspiration as Steve Jobs and finds the late, great, Apple boss’s positivity a source of strength that all leaders should emulate. “The power of positive thinking can often be seen as something of a cliche. Nevertheless, it rings true in all walks of life. Positivity can overcome any situation, no matter how bleak. It is the unflickering and unwavering light in the darkness. A leader who doesn’t exude and encourage positivity in others is no leader at all,” he explained.

Courage and integrity

As an individual renowned for standing fast on his principles and convictions in a wave of criticism and doubt, Shiu-Nan See believes the third critical quality every leader should possess is courage and integrity. He explained, “When the odds are stacked against you, having the strength to rally your troops to fight another day is an absolute must for any leader, as is the integrity to always do the right thing by those who follow you. You must always be transparent and truthful with those you lead and never expect anything from them that you would not expect from yourself.”

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