Billium: An emerging flywheel in the crypto trading industry

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Published: Fri 28 Oct 2022, 10:20 AM

Last updated: Fri 28 Oct 2022, 3:33 PM

Founded in 2022, Billium has made its name by providing solutions to one of crypto trading complex problems through copy trading. The crypto trading platform saves new and professional investors from wasting time reading complex charts and interpreting trading signals, allowing them to trade and invest without fear. Ilya Angelov, founder and CTO at Billium deeply understands how financial independence can reach the underserved population and what is needed to actualise this goal. In this interview, Angelov narrates his vision for Billium, the current crypto trading industry, and how Billium is a company with tremendous network effects.

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Edited excerpts from the interview:

Can you tell us more about your background and what gave birth to Billium?

I am always at the frontier of creating systems that sniff out old ways of doing this. After 20 years of trading stock, I decided it was time for me to replicate my success on the global stage with cryptocurrencies. Exceptional companies emerge when a promising idea meets a well-positioned thinker. Billium illustrates this assertion. I spent years monitoring trades and helping people understand profitable trade secrets. That experience told me something is missing in crypto.

Apart from Billium, a wave of new projects is entering the space every month. What does this mean for the future of crypto and Web3?

Actually, people now realise the disruptive potential of cryptocurrency. We will see more governance and enterprise adoption across many countries. I see the current economic systems aligning with crypto in the foreseeable future. Blockchain will complement some existing systems and processes but completely replace other processes. It's still early to predict what may happen, but a sudden departure from the legacy systems won't happen soon.

Now, let's talk about stablecoins. People have written about the importance of stablecoins in the world of crypto. From your perspective, how do you see stablecoins in the regulatory arms of different countries?

Yes, I have read many reports about stablecoins and the attempt to draft regulatory measures regarding its potential risks to the national currency, financial system, and end users. People don't trade paper dollars for digital assets; it is crypto to crypto. This makes them a bridge between two opposing worlds. Traditional finance and crypto assets aren't designed to mix. Because these coins are at the epicentre of global discussion, a regulation is expected.

How is Billium different from the current projects in the crypto space?

While Billium might look like another crypto trading platform, there many innovations under the name. For one thing, we aren't only interested in crypto trading alone but in how we can help onboard new users into the Web3 ecosystem through copy trading. It is also our bold ambition to not just build a disruptive company, but build a generational empire for new and emerging traders.

Tell us more about your recruitment strategy. How do you recruit new team members?

We adopt a masterful hiring strategy as demonstrated in our recent hires. We know we need to surround ourselves with experienced people ready to roll up their shirts to get things done. We will always give them the rope to do anything that will keep Billium on the Journey. We just hired Daud Sulaimon Abiola as a Web3 advisor. He is our weapon; unbelievably technical but super quiet. He knows many things, a whole lot of topics. Ask him anything, and Abiola will blow your mind. His depth of knowledge is impressive. If you look at the roaster of our team, it's easy to see what I am talking about.

So, what does the future hold for Billium?

We know we must navigate through a competitive landscape to reach a super-scale, that level of mass adoption in the industry. We are doing everything to carve out a strong positioning and cultivate powerful network effects. Billium is the future of crypto trading and exchange.

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