Bharat Mehra congratulates Shah Rukh Khan on ‘Pathaan's’ success


Published: Tue 31 Jan 2023, 5:09 PM

Last updated: Tue 31 Jan 2023, 6:07 PM

Shah Rukh Khan has once again proven with the success of ‘Pathaan’ why he is deserving of the title ‘Bollywood Badshah’. The movie has utterly dominated the box office throughout the world, and by the conclusion of its run, the movie is projected to hold every single record for an original Hindi film, from the first day to the end of its run.

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These were the words of Bharat Jagmohan Mehra, a visionary businessman, aesthete, and philanthropist. He is the founder of Bharat Mehra Strategies DMCC, which provides strategic and business development consultancy to corporates in India and the Middle East region. Mehra is the chairman of Radha Meera Trust and also serves as a consultant to Ajay Piramal, chairman of Piramal Group and Anant Ambani, head of energy business of Reliance Industries Limited.

Talking about the success of the movie, Mehra said: “I want to convey my heartfelt congratulations to my brother, Shah Rukh Khan. Since its release, the spy thriller has been breaking records, and Shah Rukh Khan has restored much-needed spice to Bollywood. Many more achievements are about to come along Shahrukh’s path."

Mehra is a practitioner with a personal history of humanitarian service because of his devotion and care for the well-being of the underprivileged population over the past 25 years. Referring to his relationship with the movie star as that of a brother, and calling him ‘Mera bhai, mera dost’, Mehra claims that they share a very honest, true, divine, and positive bond. Khan, in his opinion, is the sun himself, radiating warmth and joy through his art.

Speaking about his conversations with Khan, Mehra said: “Conversations with him are always wholesome. I got to see him before the release to congratulate him on his big blockbuster, which is already shattering box office records. Returning to the screen after four years and his experience with the shooting should have been the main topics of our conversation, however, that became very minimal, and we had a lot to talk about our things. “

Talking about the reasons behind the predicted success of the movie, Mehra said: “The most appealing aspect of the film is Shah Rukh Khan. He alone is enough to make you want to watch the movie. So, this prediction of the film crossing Rs 650 crore was something I knew would happen, and it will happen in the next four to five days. Everybody will witness this, and it's going to be the biggest blockbuster. If Shahrukh is present, it will undoubtedly occur.”

On the topic of his message to the actor, Mehra said: “I wish Shah Rukh well as a friend and brother; he's a lovely human being with a beautiful soul, which is why I wanted to congratulate him specifically. I am sure that our parents are blessing us from heaven, and this is why the universe is blessing us with whatever positive energies they have transmitted. His future appears to be as bright as number one, which he has always been and will always be.”

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