Beyond ordinary: Verbanet's pioneering take on enterprise software solutions

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Published: Tue 17 Oct 2023, 3:03 PM

A standout narrative emerges in Dubai’s bustling tech district, where occurring digital wonders set the tone. Meet Verbanet Technologies (Verbanet), a pioneering software development company rewriting the enterprise sector's playbook.

By Kris Escueta

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Saju Varghese, chairman and managing director of Verbanet, explains that they are not just another enterprise software solutions provider but an entity elevating the tech world by their profound understanding of today’s industries’ challenges and solving them through cutting-edge technology solutions and innovative approaches.

He mentions: “Our story isn't merely about a company rising in ranks; it's about how our unique approach crafts the narrative of what software enterprise solutions can, and should, truly offer.”

Seeing beyond the code

“Most companies are rushing to stitch together the client's every whim into lines of code. We aren’t most companies,” claims Varghese. Verbanet isn’t about merely building software; they’re about crafting solutions. By the end of 2023, industry statistics suggest that the most sought-after software companies will be those who don’t just follow instructions but genuinely understand and sometimes challenge a client’s vision.

This is Verbanet’s superpower. They dive deep into their client’s needs, addressing nuances others might miss–whether it's the implications of emerging technologies, long-term scalability, or the multifaceted challenges of security.

They understand that in the digital age, clients are not just after innovations; their data's safety is also paramount. With this, Verbanet embraces the zero-trust security model, where every touchpoint is under the lens of perpetual validation to deliver an impenetrable defence. The incorporation of extended detection and response technologies fast-tracks breach detections, offering swift resolutions.

With global data breaches in 2023 escalating in frequency and magnitude, Varghese's take on cybersecurity is straightforward. “In our digital realms, every potential touchpoint is a potential threat,” he emphasises. “But with the protocols we've set, they can also become watchtowers of defence.”

The philosophy of democratic innovation

Verbanet also takes pride in their principle known as 'Democratic Innovation.' Varghese elaborates that it is an approach where everyone’s voice is recognised as a potential game-changer, from the newest recruit to their seasoned directors. The company believes that innovation isn’t restricted to the upper lines of the company hierarchy, thus encouraging all to contribute to the innovation pipeline and fostering an entrepreneurial mindset at all levels.

Varghese shares: “When you combine artificial intelligence (AI) with the boundless potential of the internet of things, you don’t just get harmony; you witness a revolution. We believe the same applies to our people. When everyone has a chance to bring their expertise to the table, we can create something the industry has never seen before.”

Verbanet’s democratic innovation does not just empower; it results in services and processes done with precision and excellence. From proprietary software development projects to avant-garde BI Analytics, AI solutions, and contemporary mobile technologies, they paint a canvas for business operational efficiency.

It has successfully created patent-pending IoT devices in collaboration with Africa's leading coffee grower and exporter. According to Varghese, this partnership became more than just an enterprise deal but the blueprint of how industries can rise and scale in the IoT age.

With their diverse minds running the company’s process, the company was also able to take conventional industry service to the next level. For example, the Geographic Information System (GIS) isn’t new, but Verbanet’s GIS takes it to a new level by making it comprehensive and can be applied across multiple industry verticals.

With capabilities spanning from data management to visualisation and focused data storage, the GIS has transformative implications for numerous sectors such as public infrastructure, transport and logistics, electricity, gas, and telecom, water management, sewage and waste handling, smart parking, and a niche application in quarries and mining.

“Our team’s core mission lies in disruptive innovation in IoT, allowing businesses to reimagine their operations,” the chairman mentions.

Strategising for the future

Varghese acknowledges that despite their technological prowess and top-notch team, navigating the evolving technology landscape is still hard work. That is why when forecasting this intricate game, they act like a grandmaster in chess, strategising multiple moves ahead and constantly adapting to changing rules. Its approach to 'innovation scouting' involves monitoring emerging technologies and proactively experimenting with them. “We're not waiting for the future; we're actively scripting it,” he says.

Yet, as with all stories of innovation, challenges abound. Balancing technological advances with regulatory constraints requires finesse. Varghese remarks, “Our 'Regulatory Sprint' mechanism ensures that while we lead technologically, we also remain agile in navigating the legal maze of our industry.”

As 2023 closes, analysts project a continued surge in IoT integration across sectors. Verbanet, with its deep engagement in various technologies, from Cloud solutions, Blockchain, AI, IoT, and even GIS, looks forward to not just riding this wave but shaping its trajectory. As they continue to impact the world of enterprise software solutions, one can’t help but agree with Varghese’s final reflection, “We're not just delivering software. We’re delivering the future.”

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