Ben Todar talks about the reason behind building Moon Nation Bridge

Published: Tue 13 Sep 2022, 9:51 AM

Last updated: Tue 13 Sep 2022, 9:53 AM

Ben Todar of Moon Nation Game (MNG) is the most reputed blockchain entrepreneur around. With an ambition of bridging the gap between crypto and gaming, he started MNG in May 2021 and since then the project has been touching new heights of success.

MNG is a space-based role-playing game based on the binance smart chain with MNG as its native token. Todar has always strived for the best and his goal with MNG has also been the same. What sets the game apart from many blockchain projects is its low gas fees and awesome gaming experience. It is also projected with a longer longevity rate.

Ben Todar and his team have designed Moon Nation Bridge in such a way that developers can integrate any game with the MNG token. Since he is seriously committed to bridging the gap between crypto and games, he along with his team of professionals has come up with a unique solution called Moon Nation Bridge (MNB). The users will be able to exchange their holdings against the base currency of MNB with the help of this platform. Further, these points will make them eligible to purchase anything available on the forum.

Talking about his journey so far and the USP of MNG, Todar says that his initial goal was to build the biggest crypto-based space RPG 3D game. But as he and his team moved ahead, they realised that there was a missing link between gaming and crypto. "So we developed the Moon Nation bridge as well. MNB can connect any game may it be on the blockchain or off the blockchain through our API. MNB also serves as game dashboard, MNP/MNG wallet, game download hub, and future NFT marketplace." he says.

Todar was always a bright student and knew that he wanted to be a successful entrepreneur. He was raised in London and this is where he started his career as well. Todar started by trading in penny stocks while accumulating cryptocurrency and later moved to full crypto trading.

In 2021, he established the nation of crypto, a trading group to share his insights and trades with more than 2000 people. Then he moved to the UAE after starting MNG. Currently, he lives in Dubai and considers it his second home.

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