Avoiding canine contagion with InsuranceMarket.ae

Published: Thu 16 Jun 2022, 9:52 AM

We all know the saying ‘a dog is man’s best friend’, so what do you do when your best friend falls sick? This has become something to consider over the recent weeks especially, with news of an outbreak of distemper in Dubai. We asked the experts at InsuranceMarket.ae for their comments.

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Rachel Al Mughairi, chief engagement officer at InsuranceMarket.ae, said: “Distemper is a highly contagious virus that can prove fatal in canines as it severely affects three major bodily systems vital for health: these being respiratory, neurological and gastrointestinal. Like covid-19, it is an airborne disease and can be transmitted through both respiration and contaminated surfaces, such as food, water bowls, pet play-things and accessories, and again like covid-19, the risk of contracting it can be mitigated by vaccination. It’s therefore vital to check on the welfare of your dog regularly and ensure it has been suitably jabbed, and if it does unfortunately contract the disease, avoid contact with other animals and go straight to a vet’s clinic for suitable treatment and appropriate medication.”

Avinash Babur, CEO, InsuranceMarket.ae, added: “Sadly, many pet owners aren’t aware of such dangerous illnesses until it’s too late and without insurance, can find themselves struggling financially as well as emotionally to care for their furry friends. A sad statistic is that a third of all pets require some form of medical treatment during the course of the year, so a good pet insurance really is a must-have. It’s readily accessible and surprisingly affordable, therefore we urge all dog owners to avoid delay, especially with this current contagion.”

So, don’t lose your temper if your dog gets distemper: get pet insurance from InsuranceMarket.ae to give your pet the protection of insurance and yourself vital reassurance that you can care for them if the worst happens.

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