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Arctic Bearz launches NFT project towards a social cause

Published: Fri 21 Jan 2022, 11:53 AM

Last updated: Fri 21 Jan 2022, 11:55 AM

Living in an era of diverse sectors and domains has stupendously changed the scenario efficiently. The most enthralling technology of today’s era is NFT. First, let us understand the performance of IMX NFT – IMX is an ERC-20 utility token for the Immutable X protocol to drive the adoption of NFTs and help creators, players and developers reimagine value in a digital ecosystem token holders will be able to stake, vote and pay transaction fees with IMX.

Reason to establish Arctic Bears

Today Polar Bears existence has been rapidly decreasing around the globe. It’s in the top list of endangered animals, for which Arctic Bearz have taken an appropriate step through NFT to work on it effectively. Arctic Bearz works with the NFT helping endangered animals and your crypto wallet. This project merely focuses and wants to point the crypto spotlight on climate change and endangered animals like Polar Bears. For which the company donates portions of revenue towards adopting and sponsoring vulnerable Polar Bearz.

The Arctic focuses on stages

In which the first 100 Arctic Bearz holders receive an adoption pack for a Polar bear! They create an ecosystem of male, female and baby cubs created via a breeding system. To make more people aware globally and the marketing campaign to ensure Arctic Bearz. The Arctic Bearz has used social domains like Twitter, Instagram, Discord and YouTube. The team got astonishing success by 3500 Arctic Bearz are born into existence and ready to take over. Now the new Icy NFT is ready to rock IMX.” The stage of ‘Icy Glaciers’ will be working hard to build the community and focus on the longevity of this NFT.


After accomplishing the efficient output of Icy Glaciers. Their next stage is ‘Sea Ice’ where they will work on integrating the project within Immutable X. The company surely gives thousands of positive reasons to own an NFT. The main reason is for the well-being of the Polar Bears. And yes, one can earn sound capital by buying and reselling it. They also do charity of 5 per cent proceeds to the WWF charity. The Arctic Bear works with a unique motive. The well-being of people as well as endangered animals by donating the sound portion.

It’s a huge project that is working towards a beautiful future with the collaboration of innovative technology. Learn more about the Arctic Bearz - http://www.arcticbearz.com

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