Antony McGregor's ascent to success

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Published: Fri 17 Jun 2022, 12:36 PM

Last updated: Fri 17 Jun 2022, 12:45 PM

Antony McGregor is an Australian video blogger with over one million followers on Facebook and 700K on Snapchat. McGregor graduated from the Rotterdam School of Management with a marketing management degree and the job market didn't attract him in the least. McGregor was really intrigued by content making, so he sold some valuables and got himself a camera and travelled to the Philippines to explore the culture. He met a lot of new people there while filming all of his trip. He put it on Facebook to share with the world.

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He made similar content for almost three years but got only a few interactions making it hard for him to continue. McGregor was really influenced by a fellow content creator called Nas Daily and he happened to have a meet-up in the Philippines which McGregor was invited to but, got cancelled later. Luckily a follower of McGregor got him the chance to meet Nas Daily at his home. Meeting his idol made him even more passionate about creating content. A year later, Nas offered McGregor a job to make videos for him including the script, shooting and editing his videos which worked in his favour giving him all the experience and a chance to learn from someone he held on a high horse.

McGregor would work the entire week for Nas and would save the weekend for himself to make one video for his Facebook page every week. He never backed down from his dream to become a content creator. With this busy schedule and his own content, he broke off contact with most of his friends and couldn't take out time for his family. McGregor slowly saw some improvement on his channels and secured about 700K followers in a year and started earning even more than his salary. He then decided to quit the job and made content for himself only and soon set up his very own production company — 'What's Up Media' which is based in Dubai. This constant dedication made the budding talent a well-known content creator and a successful businessman.

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