An eye for architecture: The story behind Dr Mohammad Baydoun's striking real estate content

His striking visuals are a window into Dubai’s sky-high aspirations and his own lifelong passion for manmade wonders

By Aliza Rizvi

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Published: Fri 23 Jun 2023, 5:01 PM

Last updated: Fri 23 Jun 2023, 5:02 PM

Dr Mohammad Baydoun aka doctor of real estate was born and brought up in Beirut, Lebanon. Dr Baydoun is a well-known architect and personality. His passion for architecture and love for sharing knowledge with others shine through. His goal is to spread knowledge about construction and urban planning in an engaging, visual way. Dr Baydoun wants people to not just see Dubai’s towers but to understand them — to appreciate the architectural and engineering feats required to bring such massive, gravity-defying structures to life. His striking visuals are a window into both Dubai’s sky-high aspirations and his own lifelong passion for manmade wonders.

Discovering his architectural calling

Dr Baydoun knew from an early age what he wanted to do with his life. At the tender age of eight, he discovered his calling — that he’s going to be the man behind the crazy designs of the skyscrapers and towers of the city. It all started when he caught a glimpse of his cousin's architecture school project. Dr was mesmerised. He had to get his hands on it. He asked if he could help and then disappeared for days, pouring himself into the work. Before even realising what was happening, he had designed his very own building. Dr Baydoun’s dad, a skilled carpenter, saw his creation, and said "Son, you cannot be anything other than an architect." And just like that, his fate was sealed. Dr Mohammad Baydoun life's passion was ignited and his destiny revealed, all in that single moment. His credentials are as impressive as his early interest in architecture. Holding a masters in urban design, a masters in business administration and an unparalleled PhD in risk management of development projects, he is the first and only person in the MENA region with this specific expertise. He has also made substantial academic contributions, with a tenure at the American University of Beirut and 18 publications to his name, in addition to two books. His foray into the disciplined world of martial arts saw him earning two black belts, in karate and mixed martial arts, along with several championships in Muay Thai and CrossFit.

Learning Through Practice

As the saying goes, "practice makes perfect." My early foray into architecture ignited a passion for design that has only grown over time through continuous practice and honing of my craft. Designing came naturally to me, even at that young age. I was fascinated by the way spaces could be manipulated and transformed. The feeling of creating something that did not exist before was incredibly rewarding. Loved puzzling over how to make the most efficient use of space while also being aesthetically pleasing. Today, he is one of the top architects and he also uses social media to educate people about architecture in an engaging way. His posts feature gorgeous photos of buildings in Dubai and around the world, accompanied by facts about the materials, geometry, and other elements that make them architecturally significant. The best piece of advice he has received? Dr Baydoun credits his mother: “She made me believe that I was unique, that I could achieve anything. I have been striving to live up to that belief ever since, whether academically, professionally, or athletically.”

Dr Baydoun's influence has shaped projects across the UAE as well as in London, Lebanon, Qatar, and Jordan. He cites the Cavalli Couture project as his favourite due to its unique circular terraces and private pools. On social media, Dr Baydoun shares his knowledge and passion for real estate and architecture, giving insights into his field. Dubai's real estate market appeals due to the rapid pace of new developments. While both foreign and local buyers seek luxury features, local buyers prefer spatial designs that suit their cultural needs. Dr Baydoun stresses the importance of understanding prime areas and appreciation values for first-time buyers. His blend of expertise, passion for education and storytelling make him an influential figure.

So there you have it, the story behind Dr Mohammad Baydoun’s striking architectural visuals. His work offers a glimpse into both the technical and creative processes that build the modern metropolises of today. Next time you see an eye-catching skyscraper photo pop up in your social media feed, you’ll have a new appreciation for the art and science behind it. Dr Baydoun’s passion for his craft is contagious, and through his talent he’s inviting us all to open our eyes to the beauty in the built world around us. The buildings we walk by every day are works of art, if only we stop to notice. Hats off to this inspirational journey.

— Aliza Rizvi is an independent business journalist.

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