AmiTT Emergency QR Code launched to save human lives

Amit Saraswat has an experience of over two decades in the healthcare, marketing, and technology sectors

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Published: Mon 31 Jul 2023, 2:49 PM

Last updated: Tue 1 Aug 2023, 4:25 PM

Amit Saraswat, a visionary entrepreneur and founder of Amit Saraswat Health Consultancies, has announced the launch of AmiTT Emergency QR Code – an innovative solution designed to save human lives during an emergency situation. Saraswat has an experience of over two decades in the healthcare, marketing, and technology sectors. He is a self-taught serial entrepreneur from Dubai, who is making healthcare accessible, affordable, efficient, and transparent for all.

His very recent initiative, The AmiTT Emergency QR Code is a ground-breaking innovation that aims to revolutionise emergency response by providing critical information to first responders in a quick and efficient manner. It is accessible in multiple languages and can be used globally.

The AmiTT Emergency QR Code, which will prove beneficial to people of all age groups, serves as a digital lifeline in emergency scenarios, allowing individuals to store crucial personal and medical information in a secure and easily accessible format.

By simply scanning the QR code using a smartphone or any QR code reader, first responders and medical professionals gain instant access to vital details that can significantly impact treatment decisions, such as medical history, allergies, current medications, and emergency contacts.

“Around the world, the right medical treatment to save lives is at times delayed due to inadequate information during emergency situations,” said Saraswat. “We developed the AmiTT Emergency QR Code with the vision of providing an effective solution that can bridge this information gap, empowering first responders to make well-informed decisions during such situations. The approach was to create a support system that is easily accessible and can be updated by the user anytime. It took over three years of R&D to come up with the solution. The possibilities are infinite beyond just health care. Most importantly it does not carry a high price tag so users from every walk of life can use it conveniently and confidently. This is our gift to the people of Dubai and beyond. If we can change and save even one life, we will consider this our success in dreaming today for a better tomorrow," he said.

The AmiTT Emergency QR Code is user-friendly and can be easily generated and printed through the dedicated AmiTT website. Users can securely input their personal and medical information, which is stored on encrypted servers to ensure data privacy and protection. The QR code can be attached to personal belongings, such as ID cards, wallets, or phone cases, ensuring it is readily available during emergencies.

This innovative solution has garnered praise from emergency response professionals for its potential to revolutionise the way critical information is accessed and utilised in high-stress situations. It has the potential to reduce response time, enable more accurate diagnoses, and ultimately save lives.

Amit Saraswat Health Consultancies is dedicated to promoting health and well-being through cutting-edge solutions and technologies. The launch of the AmiTT Emergency QR Code aligns with its mission to make a positive impact on individuals' lives and the community.

To learn more about the AmiTT Emergency QR Code and its potential life-saving capabilities, visit

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