Amir Khan, two-time boxing world champion and Super Boxing League (SBL) are set to make history in the Middle East

Amir Khan, two-time boxing world champion and Super Boxing League (SBL) are set to make history in t

Big hitters Hemi Ahio and Mohammad Ali Bayat Farid will challenge for the Vacant WBC Heavyweight Middle East crown.

Super Boxing League (SBL) is presenting Amir Khan Crypto Fight Night on October 16 at La Perle in Dubai. The first of its kind event, supported by the World Boxing Council (WBC) and Savy Capital, will showcase Dubai as the future hub of blockchain while bringing the city’s growing crypto and boxing communities together for epic showdowns. Some of the world’s most notable crypto traders will face off in the ring to support the Amir Khan Foundation.

SBL’s CEO and founder Bill Dosanjh is proud to align his organisation with the transformative crypto community and be part of efforts to help position Dubai as the blockchain capital of the world. “As the first-ever combat sports promoters to leap into the crypto space, SBL is eager to contribute to UAE’s vision for an innovative future,” Dosanjh said. “This association will help build the sport amongst the young business- minded generation whose forward-thinking mindset aligns with SBL’s core values.”

The SBL hosted the India Season in League Format followed by Jeddah Season becoming the first combat sports promoter to introduce boxing in the Middle East. The WBC supported SBL Jeddah Season and also designed a special WBC belt for the International Title (Amir Khan vs. Billy Dib). The SBL Crypto Fight Night is set to make history again in the Middle East with the first-ever WBC crypto belt, specially designed by the WBC.

Amir Khan, SBL’s Chairman and two-time boxing world champion expressed excitement about the event, noting that SBL is making history by being the first promotions organisation to partner with the crypto community. “By associating with crypto, we will further augment our endeavor to reach like-minded groups who believe in innovation and transformation,” he said, adding that audiences should “be prepared to witness high adrenaline action unlike anything they’ve seen before.”

For the main fight, RookieXBT, one of the world’s youngest and most respected crypto traders, will battle it out with Loomdart, a world-renowned crypto investor, and partner at leading VC firm eGirl Capital. It is the first time the crypto community will see the two top stars, which are typically viewed online only as avatars, live in action. For the co- main event, The WBC Asia Heavyweight Title is also up for grabs with an exciting showdown between two huge punchers in the heavyweight division, which sees New Zealand big-hitter Hemi ‘The Heat’ Ahio (17-0-0, 12 KO’s) in a seismic collision with Dubai KO king Mohammad Ali Bayat Farid (17-2-1, 17 KO’s) for the Vacant WBC Asia Heavyweight Championship.

In addition to the main and co-main events, there will be three highly-competitive contests between some of the world’s most powerful crypto traders which will also take place on the card, featuring: Profit Maximalist podcast host Luke Martin versus whizz-kid trader Barney The Boi, leading British trader Adam ‘Cass’ Craigmile vs. American hot-trader Ahmed Mousa.

Furthermore, the event shall also host full undercard action-packed contests between some of the most mighty fighters, featuring: Pro Boxing Debutant; Abdul Khan, the National Youth ABA champion and Amir Khan’s cousin, Indian fame Neeraj Goyat, the WBC Asian Champion, other prominent Indian names like Chandni Mehra, Shivani Dahiya, Sandeep Kumar, Sachin Nautiyal, other eminent pugilists like Sajid Abid, Rodrigo Carabello, Mamba Franco, Bebe Rico Tshibangu and Stelios Papadopoulus all coming from various parts of the world.

All earnings from the fight night will be donated to Amir Khan Foundation, a foundation founded by two-time World Boxing Champion and Olympic Silver Medalist Amir Khan in 2014. Our core objective is to support communities globally, especially through health, fitness, and sport. The event will also feature auctions of various crypto related assets, collectibles, and NFT digital art, with all the funds raised to be donated to Amir Khan Foundation.

The crypto industry revolves around decentralisation, making money more global and accessible to all. In that inclusive spirit, a spokesperson for Savy Capital, the event’s crypto community partner, said: “The crypto community is a robust group of individuals and companies that are dedicated to making a difference in today’s society. We are proud to bring them together with the combat sports community in partnership with SBL, where we can showcase the winning spirit, high octane energy, and philanthropic personalities of all involved.”

Roy Blackstone, the event’s powered by sponsor, said: “SBL and Savy Capital are combining to give the world the first event that merges the boxing and crypto communities in Dubai, one of the world's most incredible cities. This night will help to bring awareness of both of these communities to the mainstream, and I am proud to support the very first fight night.”

Bybit, another powered by sponsor, said: “Crypto and boxing have a lot in common — striving for excellence, keeping one’s composure in challenging circumstances, being resilient enough and coming back again and again even after getting knocked down, and not to mention being often misunderstood. The pandemic has taken a toll on sports and other sources of joy. We at Bybit are glad to be able to help bring some entertainment back, and add a little excitement to the lovers of combat sports and crypto.”

Another event partner, Sheikh Almualla bin Ahmed Al Mualla, founder, Ghaf Capital hopes the activations will be a way to blow off steam after a difficult year. “We’re excited for an amazing evening with our fellow blockchain pioneers and the athletes attending,” he said. “In a way, it's metaphoric of what many of us have lived through last year, taking punches and getting knocked down. It's going to be a great reminder that no matter what punches life throws at you, keep your hands up and keep swinging!”

During fight week, crypto-trading fans will have a chance to meet their legends live during a series of activations including face-offs, in-mall events, and more.

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