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Algbra unveils its comprehensive values-focused and climate-impact fintech

Zeiad Idris, CEO, Algbra
Zeiad Idris, CEO, Algbra

Published: Mon 14 Feb 2022, 3:08 PM

Algbra, has recently announced a partnership with Mastercard, which includes joining the payment network’s priceless planet coalition.

The announcement was made at Decoded, an exclusive event hosted last week where the work of the FinTech was unveiled over the past year. Prominent speakers at the event included Lord Philip Hammond, former chancellor of the Exchequer and Kelly Devine, president of UK and Ireland at Mastercard.

Algbra, the world’s most ethical financial application, has been built to be inclusive, scalable, and to create borderless connections between communities. It is fully Shariah-compliant and prioritises making remittances faster and cheaper for communities across the MENA region.

Zeiad Idris, CEO, Algbra, said: “We are delighted to join forces with Mastercard in our shared mission to reach and positively impact communities around the world. Algbra is building a category-defining business that places communities and impact at its core, and this is made all the easier by partnering with a partner who understands, believes in, and invests in our vision.”

Devine, said: “With the UK at the center of global fintech innovation, this is a truly exciting time for the industry. Our missions are very much aligned: Algbra is using technology to innovate and deliver enhanced customer experience, but also focusing on people’s own values, and enshrining ethics and sustainability at the heart of their proposition. Together we can make a positive difference to customers both here in the UK, and all over the world”.

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