Al Matiya Club embraces Dhahab Sports (DHS) and Web 3.0 for the Technology and Sports Forum held at Atlantis The Royal Dubai


Published: Wed 15 Mar 2023, 4:23 PM

Last updated: Wed 15 Mar 2023, 4:26 PM

Imagine an event that unites technology and sports, with the presence of members of the royal family of the League of Arab states and the ability to conduct instant and secure transactions using cryptocurrencies with blockchain technology on Web 3.0. This is exactly what Al Matiya Club is preparing for the Technology and Sports Forum, which will be held at the iconic Atlantis The Royal in Dubai on March 21.

By Deepak Jain

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With a broad business vision and the exponential growth of the online business, Dhahab Sports (DHS) has positioned itself as a remarkable digital asset even before its launch. DHS has already been adopted as an official asset by the Al Matiya Club. The club has announced a three-year partnership when fans and partners of the club will enjoy many benefits of participating in the DHS Marketplace on Web 3.0.

Al Matiya Club is the organiser of the technology and sports fair, which will be held at the majestic Atlantis Royal Dubai on March 21. Al Matiya Club is innovating by incorporating Web 3.0 assets as a form of payment. Dhahab Sports is the club's main crypto asset and brings all the security of blockchain technology to the public.

In addition, many other important figures from the Arab states League and prominent people from world soccer will be present, as well as many sponsors of the sports world.

Dhahab Sports (DHS) is a Web 3.0 asset that enables instant and secure transactions. Because it is based on blockchain technology, all transactions are public, unchangeable, and simultaneously maintain the privacy of their operators.

Those who wish to attend the Technology and Sports Forum can purchase tickets through the official Al Matiya Club website.

Sponsors and attendees can pay with Dhahab Sports (DHS), USDT, BTC, Dh, USD, and EUR.

Sponsor spaces are available on the event stage and in communication pieces and special mentions in the forum programme.

The Al Matiya team believes that adopting Web 3.0 to enable payment for tickets and tables will attract a more diverse and innovative audience and sees the Middle East region as a perfect stage for this innovation as blockchain-based assets are increasingly popular and diverse.

The Dhahab Sports (DHS) team is already working on new partnerships for adopting the asset and distinct sectors such as tourism, retail, and financial services.

Including disruptive technologies such as blockchain and digital currencies can offer several advantages in addition to greater security and transparency, speeding up financial transactions. Such features benefit businesses and connect them more acutely with their customers and partners.

To learn more and acquire your ticket, visit the official Al Matiya Club website at now.

Contact Al Matiya Club at or

You should also call +97150955383838 or +971508777247.

Dhahab Sports is already on Latoken Exchange. Visit

Deepak Jain is a freelancer content writer.

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