Experience Akanksha Mago label's gorgeous summer collection — Mirana

Published: Wed 22 Jun 2022, 11:47 AM

Last updated: Thu 30 Jun 2022, 12:50 PM

The Akanksha Mago label’s new summer 2022 collection echoes the richness of tradition and contemporaneity. Its whispers of grace shine through every handcrafted bead and thread. The new summer collection celebrates the evocative journey of the lady who is brave, beautiful, and a trend setter.

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Mago’s collection reflects the lavishness of the feminine style with stylish patterns and cuts reminiscent of the charm of tradition. It's gleaming vision of optimism shows through every little detail. From the delicate hand-embroidered pearls to the glittering jewels and crystals, there is plenty to love in this collection. It stands proudly at the counterpoint of precision and freedom achieved through a process of hand-crafting that is both scientific and poetic. Striking a composite harmony between the old-world and contemporary world, the collection reflects the values of today’s lady. She stands tall, proud of her heritage, and carries it with her into the modern world, for everyone to admire.

The summer collection boasts delicate elegance. From the intricate hand embroidery to the sparkling finesse, every cut and pattern welcomes you in a bespoke manner. Softer hues of blush pink, nude and scarlet red delight the eyes, while the matchless shine of the Swaroski crystals lights them up. For ladies who love bold, Mago's collection offers the empowering hue of crimson and other selected hues to offer you the many shades of summer. The new collection is now available at Vesimi, Dubai. Recently a comprehensive photoshoot was conducted with the popular luxury handbag brand Judith Leiber to launch AM Label’s festive looks for the upcoming season.

Jewel encrusted handbags from Leiber and the premium label ensembles are a match made in heaven. The delicate gleam of one balances and lifts the understated elegance of the other, crafting a mesmerising outfit that many can only dream of putting together. Mago's label summer collection promotes an idea of beauty that is not absolute. It rejoices in every lady’s confidence. You just need to do it with pride, and your outfit will match your stride for stride.

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