Ajman University’s Year of Sustainability Commencement Ceremony celebrates inspiring journeys of new graduates

Hazzaa Abdulla Ahmed Mohamed
Hazzaa Abdulla Ahmed Mohamed

Published: Tue 7 Feb 2023, 2:26 PM

Under the patronage of Sheikh Humaid Bin Rashid Al Nuaimi, Member of the Supreme Council and Ruler of Ajman, Ajman University (AU) celebrated its 32nd Commencement Ceremony for new graduates on February 6 (Male) and 7 (Female) respectively.

The theme of AU’s Commencement Ceremony this year is Sustainability, in line with the President His Highness Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan’s decree declaring 2023 to be the 'Year of Sustainability.'

AU’s commencement ceremony is an annual event that celebrates inspiring journeys of new graduates who have shown resolve, perseverance, and academic excellence to successfully complete their degree from a world-class institution known for its academic rigour.

One such inspiring journey is of Hazzaa Abdulla Ahmed Mohamed, a senior official at the UAE’s Ministry of Defence who braved all odds to attain his doctor of business administration (DBA) degree from AU at the age of 44.

Hazzaa did his bachelor’s in business administration in 2010 and an MBA in accounting in 2012, both from Ajman University. In 2019 he was back on campus, to pursue a doctorate in business administration while continuing his high-profile career at the Ministry of Defence.

Lara Ali Zaraket
Lara Ali Zaraket

“After three years of academic rigour and hard work to achieve my DBA, I am looking forward to the commencement ceremony as an occasion to celebrate my achievements with my family and friends. It was an amazing journey full of knowledgeable and practical experiences in one of the top universities globally. I am very happy and proud to be an AU graduate,” said Hazzaa.

Hazzaa appreciates the practical knowledge and value addition that his DBA at Ajman University contributed to his work. “It also provided me with solid information on how to use different analysing platforms like SPSS, data stream, and NVivo that I can use to deep dive into research at my job and access the academic field,” he added.

Samara Faisal’s dreams of achieving a world-class Architectural Engineering Degree came to fruition when she graduated from AU on February 7.

“I am both emotional and excited at the culmination of my five-year transformative journey with Ajman University. All the hard work and perseverance will finally pay off and I am thankful to my professors, colleagues, and above all my family, for their support during this important learning phase of my life."

For Faisal, the opportunities to participate in important events and competitions relevant to her academic field were key to shaping her as a student and professional. “The University gave me the opportunity to participate in one of the most important architecture competitions organised by Ajman Municipality in cooperation with our university, which is the Ajman Agriculture Landscape Design Award 2020, where I won the second place for my designs. It was a truly enriching learning experience, and I am thankful to the University management for this opportunity,” she added.

For Lara Ali Zaraket, MBA graduate-to-be from Ajman University, in addition to other things her programme was about forming meaningful connections. “I had an incredible journey full of joy and challenges. I was happy that I got to know new people, make new friends, and learn from highly knowledgeable professors. Long story short, it was an exciting and joyful journey."

According to Lara, it’s not just the knowledge but also the clarity on career choices gained at AU that helps graduates immensely. “AU helped me gain more knowledge through my academic journey at the University. And I got a clearer path of what my career goals are and what I will do in the future,” she added.

The Commencement Ceremony was held at the Sheikh Zayed Center for Conferences and Exhibitions (SZC), where more than 400 students graduated across AU’s nine colleges, marking the culmination of a challenging but highly enriching academic journey.

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