Ahmed Mokbel to launch the dream fitness application

By Navjyot Gurudatta

Published: Wed 23 Nov 2022, 3:59 PM

Last updated: Wed 23 Nov 2022, 4:01 PM

The greatest Arab fitness instructor in Dubai, Ahmed Mokbel, is coming up with something out of this world. There is no bigger asset than your health, therefore what could be better for you than to receive training from the greatest coach in town through his application, which you can use whenever and anywhere you want? Mokbel has made great strides toward his goal of changing people's lives and fostering greater self-love by deciding to introduce an application that offers users every convenience imaginable, including individualised exercise programmes, nutrition plans, diet plans, and in-person consultations with a trainer. Whether you wish to learn and explore new exercises or particular exercises that would target your area of concern or whether you wish to become more conscious about the nutrition and the food that you are intaking there is no better assistance that you could have thought of rather than the epitome of fitness himself walking you through his application. You can discover his application capable of giving you whatever facility you require on your path to becoming fit. With a person like him holding your hand to guide you into every step of your fitness journey is somewhat of a dream come true for people who have always dreamt of achieving their fitness goals.

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To learn more about Mokbel, you should know that he was born on October 18, 1987, in Cario, Egypt. After earning his degree from the Cario University Faculty of Commerce, he started his career as a fitness instructor and personal trainer. He started by actively competing in several local bodybuilding contests. He went to Dubai in 2011 and launched his very own fitness company there. From a very young age, his love of bodybuilding, fitness, and modelling helped him become who he is today. He also worked as a model before receiving his degree for well-known companies like Pepsi, Sneakers, and DIADORA. Then, in 2011, he felt the need to pursue his passion even further. With the determination to improve the lives of numerous individuals who are dissatisfied with their health and fitness, he launched his training company. With his expertise in the fitness and health sector, he not only thought of it but also quickly changed the lives of over 600 people. By using his skills, enthusiasm, and diligence, he was realising each of his aspirations.

His many accomplishments, which range from being a level two and three in personal training with ISSA to being an NCCPT Strength training specialist, demonstrate the amount of skill he possesses in the industry. He developed an interest in exercise as a result of an accident he suffered. Since the day he realised how important it is to have control over one's health and fitness, he has wanted to assist everyone dissatisfied and unhappy with their health. Because of his love, enthusiasm, and consideration for others, he launched an application that is more customer-centric than any other application. His goals are as clear-cut as they can be, focusing on the people he would coach and their lives rather than his financial future. This is your cue to sign up on his application if you want a trainer who will put your health and well-being above anything else, helping you stand out from the crowd by fostering a love of your body, your appearance, and your confidence. Once you join up, you won't second-guess choosing Mokbel as your trainer since you'll get the best results from him.

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Navjyot Gurudatta is a freelancer content writer.

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