After Haitianbird, Coach Legend Aims to Invest & Discover New Talent

Published: Wed 20 Oct 2021, 9:47 PM

Last updated: Thu 21 Oct 2021, 9:54 AM

The Haitian-American Businessman known as Coach Legend began his life journey as a world-renowned public speaker, a mentor, musical artist and a wealth coach.

Mr. Coach Legend is a multilingual marketing strategist and has significant experience and diverse professionalism in business development , music production , leadership and more .

Migrated to the United States of America together with his father when he reached the age of 7, he favoured this part of his childhood experience. It was his first time getting on an air plane, and travelling to another country made him excited to be living in another country. From a humble beginning, he was able to travel to the U.S. Imagine 5 people living in a one-bedroom apartment, that’s what he went through.

Throughout his journey, he faced many challenges and overcame it all. He was confident that he had what it takes to become a successful business owner someday. Living from pay-check to pay-check with low to no money in the bank account from working with no direction for the future, he fought to get out of this situation for a breakthrough. He then decided to stop looking for a job that only pays him a salary but rather to start his own company.

His efforts finally paid off after years of hard work and dedication. Beside being a musical artist himself today, the 7-figure income earner businessman and mentor is ready for future possibilities as he invested millions in different artist like Haitianbird and more. He continues to share his message of hard work, perseverance, and how he got to financial freedom.

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