AdCounty Media plans to invest $10 million in Middle-East and South-East Asia eyeing business expansion

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Delphin Varghese, co-founder and chief business officer, AdCounty Media
Delphin Varghese, co-founder and chief business officer, AdCounty Media

Published: Tue 9 Jan 2024, 5:05 PM

AdCounty Media is all set to make a significant investment of $10 million in the Middle-east and Southeast Asia regions, to strengthen and accelerate the company's expansion efforts in this burgeoning market. The company has also set its sights on recruiting 200 skilled professionals, a strategic move aimed at fostering diversification and facilitating robust growth. The firm is broadening its horizons by venturing into areas such as programmatic advertising and in-house demand-side platforms (DSP).

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AdCounty Media has achieved remarkable success in the digital marketing industry, securing a spot in India’s top ten advertising networks, within just six years of its establishment. The 360-degree digital marketing firm experienced substantial growth and was honoured with the coveted Business Leadership Awards, earning the title of 'Digital Media Team Of The Year' in 2023. The company has rapidly expanded its team worldwide and caters to a client base that spans 20 nations including India, Singapore, Brazil, UAE, Indonesia, Germany and Romania. The firm aims to bolster its digital footprints by making a whopping $ 10M investment in the middle-east and south-east Asian regions which is witnessing a steady consumer population growth. In addition, the company is actively seeking opportunities for Joint Ventures with prospective partners currently engaged in investments within these regions.

AdCounty was established in 2017 during a period when regional content was gaining momentum and significant investments were being made in the sector. Since its inception, AdCounty has served clients across various sectors, including e-commerce, finance, gaming, lifestyle, and utility brands, with a particular focus on leading clients in the BFSI, gaming, fintech, automobile, e-commerce, QSR, education, and FMCG industries. From delving deep to gain a thorough understanding of the Dubai market including consumer preferences and competitor analysis to tailoring content to specifically cater to the Dubai audience for maximum visibility and engagement. Additionally, we will also be focusing on mobile optimization, given the high smartphone penetration (82.2%) in the region. We will be crafting compelling SEO strategies that would align with the local search terms to amplify online reach in Dubai’s digital landscape. Strategically investing in online advertising campaigns tailored to the demographics and user interests of the region will significantly contribute to our expansion strategy in Dubai.

“We will be centring on establishing a concrete multi-channel presence in the Middle Eastern region. We will ensure that our advertising efforts are in line with the cultural nuances of the Middle East and target the right audience segments effectively. We will capitalise on Dubai’s digital-savvy environment with a robust and diversified economy alongside generating a ripple effect of opportunities for the local community there,” says Mr Delphin Varghese, co-founder and chief business officer, AdCounty Media.

AdCounty Media plans on hiring 200 skilled professionals across diverse verticals like sales, technology, account management, client servicing, and more in order to drive the expansion and growth efforts over the next 3-5 years. The hiring will span multiple geographic regions, including South East Asia, LATAM, Japan, Korea, Israel, UAE, Russia, and India.

The company that has made an indelible mark in the sphere of digital marketing has begun tapping into programmatic advertising and in-house DSPs. We adopted programmatic advertising since this gateway to targeted marketing is gaining significant traction worldwide. It simplifies the ad purchasing process and provides access to large target audiences. Its adoption is expected to increase by 52 per cent in the coming year. AdCounty is also investing in a DSP and a data management platform (DMP) to facilitate programmatic ad buying and precise targeting.

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