Acklam Car Centre: Where past and future meet

(L-R) Joe Khan, sales manager with John Ferguson, business manager
(L-R) Joe Khan, sales manager with John Ferguson, business manager

Published: Thu 2 Feb 2023, 10:17 AM

Last updated: Thu 2 Feb 2023, 10:19 AM

It’s prevailing wisdom today that the luxury end of markets will be the least affected by current economic uncertainties. Those people who want to purchase a mansion, a priceless necklace, a once in a lifetime trip can usually afford them no matter what. More important to them than the ups and downs of the currency or stock markets is 'now'. If they want something now, that’s when they’ll get it.

Luxury cars in particular appear to have been little affected by recent economic turbulence. To this point, the consulting behemoth Mckinsey forecasts a hugely profitable 2023 for the high-end luxury car market, not just in Europe and the states but in China and the Arab countries as well. And why not. The most expensive car is far less expensive than the cheapest mansion, and if one wants to splurge and have fun at the same time, slipping into a Ferrari or a Lamborghini is a good way to leave the world behind.

Given that someone has decided to purchase a top-tier vehicle, particularly a pre-owned one, the question becomes who to buy it from. Used car dealerships as a group are often regarded, rightly or wrongly, with some suspicion. Prospective buyers will probably want to ask themself which dealer is the most knowledgeable; who has the largest inventory; who’ll stand behind their product.

Based in the UK, Acklam Car Centre checks all the above boxes. In its two decades of serving an informed and discerning public, the company has developed a reputation for its knowledgeable and exclusive service. Several industry awards support this reputation. In 2021, Acklam Cars won the used car customer care award and the used car dealership of the year award, each given annually by Car Dealer Magazine. In 2022, it won the dealership use of video award from Car Dealer Magazine and the used car retailer of the year award from Motor Trader. The awards speak for themselves, placing Acklam Cars among the top outlets selling luxury pre-owned vehicles due to its customer service, innovative videos, and luxury selection. With no sign of slowing down, Acklam Car Centre’s business model is scaling to the point where the leadership team is exploring opening new locations throughout the UK and Europe as investors are closely watching the company’s growth.

While physically located in the northeast of England, Acklam Car Centre has already expanded its reach throughout the UK and the world with its award-winning social media videos. Acklam Cars’ sales team have taken to social media to keep potential customers up to speed on both company inventory and recent developments in the automotive field as a whole. The result is a multichannel platform boasting a series of videos that have turned the sales team, led by automobile experts Liam Martin, head of sales; John Ferguson, business manager; Joe Khan, sales manager and Richard Ellyatt, senior sales executive, into minor internet celebrities for their viral content. Entertaining in and of themselves, the videos allow the high-end car enthusiast to check in with experts who’ll keep them abreast of the latest industry news. In addition to serving an entertaining and informative purpose, these videos also serve a sales generation purpose, showing the company's inventory to people who can’t visit the showroom personally. While it may seem surprising to some, the Acklam Cars sales team is comprised of specialists whose passion for cars is so palpable they can entice a customer to purchase through the screen.

As to the automobiles themselves, Acklam Car Centre offers everything from multi-brand exotic sports cars to high-end 4x4s and SUVs. The fact Acklam Cars is an independent dealer, not allied to a particular brand, allows for this diversity and makes it a logical destination both for those who want a Range Rover or Land Rover on the one hand or a Porsche on the other. Whether you are shopping for a car in the showroom or watching one of their award-winning videos, Acklam Car Centre's reputation for excellent customer service and world-class cars is palpable.

In 2022, the company grossed £122,401,299 and the outlook for 2023 is even rosier. Whatever negative mental picture one may have of used car dealerships in the past, Acklam Cars turns it on its head. The company’s combination of expertise, inventory, and personal service make it the premier destination for the luxury car buyer as well as the online car enthusiast. The Acklam Cars team's willingness to re-invest profits to ensure it remains state-of-the-art suggests it will continue its reign over the industry.

To learn more about Acklam Car Centre, visit its website and to catch some of its highly entertaining videos, visit its Instagram, YouTube, Tik Tok, and Facebook.

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