ACCA Sportsmasters Community Cricket League 2023: A grand slam of sporting excellence and community impact

Thee tournament featured a competitive lineup of 10 teams and a total of 150 players

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Published: Tue 28 Nov 2023, 11:16 AM

In a resounding crescendo of cheers and camaraderie, the ACCA Sportsmasters Community in Association with ACCA Middle East, concluded its much-anticipated Cricket League 2023 powered by UHY James Chartered Accountants. The event not only showcased cricketing prowess but became a celebration of unity, friendship, and professional growth within the ACCA community.

Featuring a competitive lineup of 10 teams and a total of 150 players, the tournament was a testament to the spirit of collaboration and friendly competition that defines the ACCA Sportsmasters ethos. Each match was a thrilling display of skill and strategy, bringing together participants from across the UAE.

In a riveting finale, Abu Dhabi Kings XI, under the adept leadership of Muhammad Shahroz, emerged as the undisputed champions. The runner-up team, 360 Tigers, led by the Rehan Suria, stood out for their sportsmanship and determination throughout the tournament.

The grand prize distribution and closing ceremony, attended by a resounding 200 community members, added a touch of prestige to the occasion. Fazeela Goplani, head of ACCA Middle East, graced the event as the chief guest, presenting the championship trophy to Abu Dhabi Kings XI. Muhammad Kalim, leading the ACCA Sportsmasters Community, handed over the trophy to the runner-up team, 360 Tigers. James Mathew, representing UHY James, awarded the third-place trophy, adding a layer of recognition to the outstanding performances.

What set this ceremony apart was not just the acknowledgement of cricketing achievements but the recognition of the holistic community impact. The event lasted four days, attracting over 300 members who passionately witnessed the matches and participated in the closing ceremony festivities. The community members joined together for moments of fun, singing, and creating memories that extended beyond the cricket pitch.

Representatives from esteemed business councils, BIG 4 audit firms, entrepreneurs, and industry leaders lent their support, highlighting the collective strength and influence of the Community. ACCA Middle East officials, Taher Kapasi and Ahmed Bilal, graced the event with their presence, emphasising the significance of this community initiative within the broader ACCA framework.

As the echoes of the final match reverberate, the ACCA Sportsmasters Community looks ahead to a future brimming with exciting events. From career development workshops to networking sessions, the community remains committed to fostering an environment where ACCAs can connect, learn, and thrive both professionally and personally.

The ACCA Sportsmasters Community's very beginnings provide witness to visionary leadership and a dedication to building a thriving ACCA community. Under the direction of Muhammad Kalim, who spearheaded the creation of a space beyond sports, the leadership team, which also included Raheel Ali, Talha Ahmad, Abid Shahid, Aqeel Ahmed, Atif Mehmood, Bisman Siyal and others, worked together to shape a community with a holistic approach.

In a momentous announcement, the ACCA Sportsmasters Community revealed that Season 4 of the tournament will be played in November 2024. Teams eager to participate and sponsors looking to support this thriving community initiative are encouraged to approach the ACCA Sportsmasters Community management.

Here's to more innings, more victories, and more cherished moments for the ACCA Sportsmasters Community!

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