A ‘healthy’ relationship between InsuranceMarket.ae and Cigna


InsuranceMarket.ae team with the Cigna team
InsuranceMarket.ae team with the Cigna team

Published: Thu 15 Dec 2022, 9:00 AM

Life is just so busy these days, we can tend to put ourselves and our health low down the list of priorities: especially if we work full-time. It’s funny to think how we book our cars in for a service, or do regular home maintenance, but don’t treat ourselves the same. Our bodies are, after all, fantastic machines too. That’s why we were interested to learn more about a recent employee event at InsuranceMarket.ae that helped employees get a wellness check whilst at work.

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We spoke to two executives at both companies to find out more. Leah Cotterill, chief distribution officer at Cigna, said: “Cigna is delighted to have organised a wellness camp with InsuranceMarket.ae by AFIA Insurance Brokerage – one of our leading brokerage partners. It reaffirms our commitment to improve the health, well-being, and peace of mind of those we serve. It also aligns with our mission to provide clients and customers with the best-in-class services and solutions that help them manage their physical as well as mental health more proactively. Over 90 employees who attended, benefitted from free medical tests, consultations and stress visualisation portraits.”

Commenting further, Avinash Babur, CEO at InsuranceMarket.ae, said: “Workforce welfare is a top priority for us at InsuranceMarket.ae. Not only are our employees our biggest asset, but also, we believe that happy, healthy employees are critical to business success. We even have a dedicated welfare team whose sole role is to check-in on employees regarding their physical and mental health. Offering employees a reassuring, convenient health check-up without needing to leave the office, had benefits for both our business and employees alike and I’d like to thank Cigna for their support, and our internal teams, that enabled this event to happen.”

Sounds like a very healthy approach is taken towards welfare: kudos to InsuranceMarket.ae and Cigna for a great initiative.

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