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Visionary Antonios Karatzis leads Karatzis Group, the parent company of Nana Princess hotel, touted as one of the most luxurious properties in the world

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By Nisthula Nagarajan

Published: Wed 16 Jun 2021, 6:32 PM

Last updated: Mon 28 Jun 2021, 3:10 PM

Antonios Karatzis has been at the helm of Karatzis Group of Companies as Chairman and CEO since 2009 and has been a committed member of the group for nearly three decades. In the last ten years, Karatzis has introduced the group to new geographic markets and developed its hospitality branch by adding a new six-star hotel, Nana Princess, to its portfolio.
Thanks to him, the group also entered into the energy sector with the founding of Karatzis Energy SA & Co. This expansive growth has come as a direct reflection of his dedication and the exemplary abilities he has demonstrated throughout his career, as well as his mission to preserve his family legacy and support the island of Crete.
Karatzis is Chairman and CEO of Antkar M SA, Artemis Real SA and Panellenic SA; Chairman of PlusPack SA and AK Graff SA. He is also a board member and main shareholder at Meshpack GMBH, Croppy Solutions Ltd., Karatzis Italia SRL, Karatzis RUS Ltd., Zeus Agri Packaging Ltd., Sempiternal Ltd. Additionally, he is a shareholder at Karatzis SA & Co., Aioliki Pnoi Aposkias Single Member LTE, Spareal IKE, KKX Market IKE, and Karmyl IKE. Karatzis is the Honorary Consul of the Republic of Korea and the Honorary Consul of Belgium in Crete as well.
Karatzis has studied Hospitality Management at the Glion Institute of Higher Education in Switzerland and continues to broaden his knowledge through specialised seminars.
Antonios Karatzis MD, CEO and President Karatzis Group.

Your private seascape

Experience the true meaning of exclusivity, luxury and tranquillity at Nana Princess Suites, Villas and Spa in Greece
Nana Princess Suites, Villas and Spa is a haven where anyone can truly relax. Located on the Greek island of Crete, on the coast of the Cretan Sea, guests are welcomed to immerse themselves in complete luxury, personalised to their every desire. When Karatzis Group, the parent company of Nana hotels around the globe, decided to create Nana Princess, the team travelled far and wide to the cream of the crop in hospitality.
According to Antonios Karatzis, MD, CEO and President of Karatzis Group, the team gathered their experiences and put it all together to create a resort that fits the vibe of the island of Crete, but with the service of an international six-star hotel.
And the proof is in the pudding. Nana Princess is one of the most highly rated hotels on any travel aggregator. With the luxury products and services offered, Nana Princess is one of the few hotels that enjoys extensively positive reviews from its guests.
"We gathered the best people in the market. We have the most experienced professionals from the existing hotels in Europe, offering six-star service. Putting them all together under the management of the group with the purpose of satisfying every wish of our guests, we managed to create a special concept," voiced Karatzis.
Being on an island paradise, the beach is never too far for anyone staying on Crete. Nana Princess possesses its own private beach while being just 15 minutes away from downtown Crete. Guests can shop away in the morning, return to the hotel and sunbathe undisturbed in the privacy of their own gazebo and be waited on hand and foot.

Premier rooms

Nana Princess' guests have the privilege of choosing from an array of suites and villas. Starting with the Deluxe Junior Suite at 45 square metres, going up to the Grand Royal Villa covering a whopping 850 square metres, every kind of demand from a family to businessmen to royalty is sorted. Every room is fitted with unique customised amenities, with the bigger ones embellished with private pools, the highest technology, personal butler services, an elevator between floors and much more.

World-class amenities

Nana Princess has an array of activities and amenities available to its guests. Situated on the beach, the resort offers water sports such as parasailing, water skiing, paddle boarding etc. There is a fitness centre, shopping areas, and multiple top-notch restaurants.
Enjoy a sushi lunch on the beach in a private gazebo and return for a dazzling fine-dining dinner.
Ranging from Mediterranean to International cuisine, taste exquisite gastronomy from around the globe.
"We have invested a lot in the gastronomic experience of our hotel. In most hotels, the room service experience does not match up to dining at a restaurant. This is not the case with us. Guests enjoy the same quality in the restaurant and the privacy of their room. Many of our guests enjoy dining in their terrace or private pool. This is even safer now, with social distancing in place," remarked Karatzis.
Nana Princess is close to its sister resort, Nana Golden Beach. Here, guests can avail additional amenities plus several more activities. For instance, the cycling club, Cycling Creta, has a bunch of tours at different levels of difficulty to take advantage of.

Personalisation for every guest

There are hundreds of small details that make Nana Princess one-of-a-kind. Right from arrival, guests get checked in at their own private couch, not at the reception desk. They are then assigned a personal assistant and bell captain who are with them all the way to their room. One of the nifty things that makes every guest's experience personal is that each one gets a pen engraved with their name.

One of the safest hotels in Europe

The hotel follows the guidelines set out by Greece's national protocol for Covid-19 safety and has added some of its own for good measure. The hotel's size lends itself to easy social distancing, ensuring guests' safety and comfort. For example, every guests' luggage is disinfected on arrival, all doors are automatic or opened by staff, hands-free temperature checks at every entry point, highly trained personnel and more. After a guest finishes dining or using a piece of equipment at the gym, a staff member behind will take care to disinfect the area completely and make all the necessary preparations for the next person.
Nana Princess also has a 24-hour in-house doctor, who can be at a guest's room in five short minutes and has partnered with a medical centre to provide PCR testing.
The latest measure that has been introduced is a PCR test that gets one's result in just 30 minutes. Nana Princess is one of few hotels whose guests can avail of this service.

Unbeatable offers

Avail of different discounts when you book your holiday at Nana Princess. There are early-bird discounts, a workation package, family offers, a gold experience package, a honeymoon offer and, for expectant parents, a 'babymoon' offer.

Enhancing your experience
"We recently bought a new piece of land directly on the beach. We are planning to create the Towers Club, which will consist of two suites and two villas. It is for those with large families or who need total isolation and privacy, enclosed behind a towering gate. Guests will essentially have a mansion all to themselves," said Karatzis.
He added that since they have observed that bigger villas get booked faster, the hotel renovated its rooms last winter. From 112 rooms, the hotel now has 102 rooms, which have grown in size, making use of the extra space. There are also plans to build 20 clay tennis courts.
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