Ring in Saudi Arabia national day with MOTF

MOTF celebrates Saudi Arabia national day with an exclusive green collection for Middle East

Published: Mon 20 Sep 2021, 12:13 PM

The MOTF collection is essentially in green colour, which the Arabs associate with peace, surrender, spirituality, and divine generosity; and therefore, wearable for joyful occasions, such as banquets and weddings. Complementary dark green, olive, or emerald green will be the perfect pairing with gold and white, creating a color combo resembling a sun-drenched forest in an harmonious style.

MOTF, short for [motif] — which is defined as a recurring design —represents the timeless staples and classic silhouettes that every woman needs in her wardrobe. MOTF has a unique mission to provide chic customers with exclusive, quality and ultra-wearable styles. Their mantra: stay inspired with unique details without straying away from the classics. Not only for its high style, but its high-quality fabric, exquisite details and craftsmanship, too. Meanwhile, delivering quality at an accessible price point, customers can enjoy premium clothes without paying a premium cost.

The effortlessly chic collection includes high-quality cotton day dresses, elegant evening dresses with exquisite details and craftsmanship, and sophisticated puff sleeved cotton blouses. The classic designs will take you to any occasion in suitable and unique style!

The different and feminine shades of green for comfortable and elegant dresses, likewise for shirts with a wrapped silhouette and full-length bubble sleeves, provide a refined and en vogue style. MOTF’s high-quality textiles, like the cotton poplin with its light and airy drape, are ideal for better construction and unique silhouettes.

MOTF is SHEIN’s premium sister brand, offering classic, covetable styles made from high-quality fabrics, like silk and cashmere. MOTF has a unique mission to provide chic customers with exclusive, quality and ultra-wearable styles at a feel-good price point. We’re coining it ‘affordable luxury’.

To shop the exclusive collection, visit https://ar.shein.com/campaign/premium-home

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