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Evocargo announces its launch in Dubai

Filed on October 7, 2021

The pioneering cargo logistics brand introduces its ‘Global Smart Logistics Strategy’ at Expo 2020 Dubai, and unveils its range of autonomous all-electric/hydrogen-based "in hub" delivery vehicles


In the world of cargo logistics, which is the commercial activity of transporting goods to customers, the need to be agile, precise and efficient is of the utmost importance. With businesses and industries now no longer being constrained through borders, there is a constant and growing need for practices and systems to evolve and grow. One such case in point is the logistics sector which is witnessing a new era of revolutionary modernisation.

Adapting to the 'new normal'

There can be no denying the fact that the last year was an unprecedented event that challenged businesses all over the world as they scrambled to adapt to the new normal. In the face of the global pandemic and in response to its impact on various interlinked factors such as consumer behavior, global economy, and global trade, the cargo logistics sector has to completely rethink and revamp its strategy in order to face the new challenges.

The cargo and logistics industry is a fast - moving industry that is constantly looking to cut margins and streamline processes so that goods and products are moved faster and efficiently without losing time. In this regard, there are several processes that are essential in ensuring the smooth transition of operations.

Autonomous logistics is a brand-new concept that is fast becoming an integral process in the cargo logistics sector and is changing the global terrain in a rapidly evolving and advancing area that has seen the growth of many new industries that are reliant on the fast and efficient delivery of cargo and logistics.

Evocargo - Identifying a gap

One such company that has identified this gap in the supply chain and has come up with a product that feeds into the system, ticking all the boxes, is Evocargo. It is a revolutionary company that brings a new approach to the logistics industry. It has innovated the global logistic scenario through its pioneering approach in logistics and manufacturing.

Evocargo was able to determine that when managing freight mechanics and logistics, especially for larger fleets, there is a need to introduce autonomous logistics management practices, especially for digital freight matching and end-to-end load management. This is to cut out errors and delays that increase costs and improves freight matching and load creations through consolidated loads, leading to less travel time, fewer wasted trips, better fuel and shipping efficiency, and faster shipments.

The company believes that new opportunities for improvement along the supply chain will always be available to those who are vigilant and responsive. The same philosophy is extended to data applications as ongoing data collection and analysis offers companies with a roadmap to assist freight and logistic managers in taking advantage of every order, every load, and every truck, which in essence, is the real value of digital freight matching itself.

By the use of faster management algorithms, Evocargo has helped streamline the process and reduced the time it takes for managers to make informed decisions. Another way that automation helps is through its ability to help detect and highlight issues without disrupting the overall flow of the operation. Autonomous logistics management practices make it easier to spot and react to situations without interfering in actual work. The company feels that in this way, the combined forces of human and machine power will in the long run, strengthen and diversify the whole chain, leading to a positive effect on the cargo logistic.

Revolutionising the cargo logistics sector

Evocargo has rapidly become a global leader by becoming one of the first companies to manufacture and implement autonomous all-electric/hydrogen-based "in hub" delivery vehicles that are capable of operating both in indoor and outdoor premises. Furthermore, these revolutionary offerings provide smarter, sustainable, ecological and efficient solutions to satisfy the business needs of all customers and offers them with an expanded range of logistical services that can be tailored and adapted to suit the needs of each customer's ecosystem.

In the fast - paced global world of logistics, time is of the essence and slight delays can cause massive repercussions. Evocargo is aware of the small margins that belie great risks undertaken by customers. They are aware of the need to eliminate human errors and to ensure a water-tight process that leaves nothing to chance. In this regard, they have spent considerable time and effort in bringing forth an innovative and groundbreaking service that is the need of the hour.

Avoiding delays

There can be no denying the fact that you cannot improve what is not measured. In this regard, cargo logistics managers have been striving to implement processes and telematics solutions that provide measurable data and consistent utilisation, including performance metrics and scheduled maintenance so that the upheaval caused by the pandemic is not repeated again. The autonomous all-electric/hydrogen-based "in hub" delivery vehicles by Evocargo will be able to influential and beneficial for logistics managers by providing autonomous logistics data that can help them adapt and streamline their processes. This can be done by making use of the data collected through the autonomous logistics management practices which will enable the logistic managers in making clear and rapid decisions in an efficient manner.

Agile systems

The service provided by Evocargo's all-electric/hydrogen autonomous vehicles highlights its cutting - edge innovation in the cargo transportation sector. It brings in added layer of assurance for the satisfaction of the customer by ensuring that the operations are always coordinated through fool - proof process cycles that guarantees coordination that is timely and precise. Evocargo acknowledges the fact that in spite of the best efforts to keep things running smoothly, there will always be the occasional issue and the random problem that comes about. Their offerings help reduce damage claims and lower the fees and costs associated with them by embracing use cases and taking autonomous logistics management seriously. This results in not only cutting down overhead costs and saving money with automated processes but also enables healthy profits by making the supply chain service more agile and resilient.

The freight management service provided by Evocargo is further broken up into two stages:

First is the Preparation Stage which consists of:

  • Object digital twin construction
  • Necessary infrastructure deployment in the automated area
  • Integration with existing information systems.

The second stage is the Logistics service stage which consists of:

  • Transportation order forming and tracking
  • Platforms routing, stop and start management
  • Realtime fleet monitoring
  • Full transportation stack including electronic document management.

Launching in Dubai

Speaking at the Dubai Exhibition Center, the Andrey Bolshakov, the Founder and Chief Business Development Officer of Evocargo International Holdings Limited said that the company was proud of the leading role it was playing in solving some of the world's most pressing problems in the cargo logistics sector. He added that his team of highly skilled professionals and experts in their areas who all shared a common passion to innovate and change the world for a better tomorrow.

Bolshakov further stated that the company was proud to announce the opening of its head office in Dubai, a move that was welcomed by the Roads and transport Authority of Dubai. Bolshakov said the decision to base the company in Dubai was made due to the value the city offered in terms of its importance, as the region was strategically located in the thriving centre of the global logistics sector. Bolshakov said that there was no doubt about making Dubai the base of operations for its office as the city was the leading research and development center ad was rightly named as the 'City of the Future' for its wide variety of futuristic technologies and advancements it offered. He also added that Dubai was a geostrategic centre in the logistics industry, which allowed perfect avenues for collaboration between all value chains of the logistics industry and was the best place to develop new business connections and potential clients for Evocargo International Holdings Limited.

He also presented a smart logistics service which was based on the self - produced unmanned electric logistics platforms, namely EVO. 1 (3.5 tons full weight) and EVO. 3(44 tons full weight).

The company further announced the launch of the 'Global Smart Logistics Strategy' at Expo 2020 Dubai. The strategy aims to strengthen the ambitious targets set by the company in its goal to spread the innovative smart logistics service through its full - size unmanned vehicles, namely EVO. 3 (N3 class) and EVO. 1 (N1 class). The comprehensive programme is expected to revolutionise the sector and significantly impact the logistics industry in a positive way.

Speaking on the occasion of the launch, Bolshakov said that the company appreciated such a warm welcome from its partners in Dubai and believed that all their clients would be pleasantly surprised by the company's latest autonomous innovations in 'Smart Logistics' service. He further added that Evocargo's end-to-end robotisation logistics service based on EVO.1 and EVO.3 platforms could significantly decrease transportation costs by up to 60%.

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