Contemporary methods, stronger futuristic vision can work wonders

Arut Nazaryan
Arut Nazaryan

Arut Nazaryan, Dubai-based IT entrepreneur, multi-business owner, and influencer has high-tech initiatives coming up


Rhonita Patnaik

Published: Tue 24 Aug 2021, 1:05 PM

Last updated: Wed 28 Sep 2022, 3:38 PM

It is said that life has been always a long-term race but very few know, how to time their race well. We do know about successful people; we know about the overnight rich and lucky people. But there are very few smart people around us. These smart brains made it possible in less time, with minimum effort in comparison to others and the only thing that makes them unique is being perceptive and modern about their method towards their goals. Instead of waiting for success, these individuals approach the triumph with a proactive approach.

Arut Nazaryan is one such individual who stepped into Dubai with nothing but twenty bucks in his pocket. It is neither a story of fiction and nor an exaggeration. We are narrating a more relatable tale to comprehend the journey of the IT entrepreneur.

Nazaryan started his journey as a salesperson at a store in Dubai Mall nine years ago. From folding the T-shirts to crafting futuristic IT solutions, it took some smart planning and a lot of hard work for him to change his fortune. The salient part of the story is Nazaryan’s trust in his abilities and a strong belief in achieving greater success. The businessman has several other businesses in Dubai, and he believes that Dubai is the most promising city in the world. “If you are here to achieve your life goals,” Nazaryan says.

Talking about his life in Dubai, the entrepreneur maintains: “Dubai is the most tolerant city in the world with a lot of cultures, huge diversity and unlike so many others, I feel myself at home. I know a lot of expats come here just considering it a transit zone — a zone where they make money and leave. They spend a lot of money as well. And some go back home with nothing, with a disappointment, with zero money in their pockets. If you consider this place as a transit, you may not get much.”

Adding to that, Nazaryan says that he is currently on a UAE resident, but he would love to become a citizen if given the opportunity.

Sharing his journey, Nazaryan reveals: “I came to Dubai from Uzbekistan with $20 in my pocket. My wife was already settled here. But for me, it was important not to waste any time. Within the first hour of reaching Dubai, I started looking for a job. I had several interviews and the first offer I received, I took it. My first objective was to get the residence visa, settle in, and then find my way around. The job was at a store in Dubai Mall that included folding the T-shirts back and forth, nine to twelve hours a day. It was a routine job. I wouldn’t say it was a horrible job but I found it horrible for myself. It took me three months to figure out if I wanted to continue working there or do I want something more, something bigger? In my family, I only have my mother so I wanted to achieve greater goals in my life constantly.

“I tried to look for my calling in business and began with selling food products from Russia. I found out the easiest way to establish a company was to go to a free zone. So I chose Ajman. I started working for general trading with this company. The initial struggle period was very little as the year I arrived in Dubai. I joined the job in August, quit in November in pursuit of business, and by January next year, made my first decent profit — $10,000. I also tried my hand in the food industry for a while and then moved to the IT industry, mainly online and e-gaming, where my interest lay. All the meetings I have had in my life, everybody I met, even accidentally was for some reason. At one point, I met a guy in Dubai, who was doing well. We had a conversation and I found out that he is into e-gaming. I started from there where it took me another few years to understand that the real income is in the online industry and I got my first capital from this trade.”

His advice — “Visualise yourself in the future. That’s a way you achieve things. Hard work and dedication of course are part of success. But if you do not see yourself growing, do not visualise yourself successful, you are not going to achieve it”

He adds, “Like many in Dubai, I was also living a life, dreaming about success, and now I am surprised that things turned have out in my favour. A few people thought it wouldn’t be possible. But I always saw it that way. I have lived in poverty, in a 20sqm apartment with my mother, which was smaller than a studio apartment. It was during the collapse of the Soviet Union. I was born in 1988 and was raised in the 90s — it was a difficult time. Being raised in a tough neighbourhood, the things I learned in my life, I have learned it from the streets. I was not born with a silver spoon but I always thought that way to make it greater for myself in life. My life today is what I visualised at that time. Visualisation is the most powerful thing, people do not believe it but it is the most powerful thing in life. You should visualise yourself in the future. That’s a way you achieve things. Hard work and dedication of course are part of success. But if you do not see yourself growing, if you do not see your success, you are not going to get it.”

Nazaryan's IT company Morningstar Technologies ( offers a one-stop solution for the new generation of startups and existing companies seeking to upgrade their security and performance. The company provides on-demand solutions, including everything from design upgrades to functionality enhancements, customized software development services on different scales. His company is having immaculate experience in the industry, along with legal and taxation services. The company has grown in the field and assists with ICO and STO. Today Morningstar Technologies is considered the industry leader in providing Mobile and Web Application Penetration Testing, DDoS resistance Testing, Social Engineering Trainings, Network Penetration Testing.

“You have to have the hunger. It is never going to be enough. The sky is the limit and if you are thinking about stopping somewhere you are gone,” he adds.

Nazaryan also owns several other businesses, that includes a media production company, luxury rent-a-car, real estate, crypto investment, and has recently launched a beauty services business with his wife that they plan on making an international beauty brand.

Business aside, Nazaryan is more known as an influencer. He has 3.2 million followers on Instagram and also thousands of subscribers on other social platforms. Humanity and humour are the salient features of his content on social media.

Talking about trading cryptocurrency and its future, he says: “There are many ideas, so if you think of crypto as a point of making a lot of money in a short amount of time, you will never make a lot of money. Greed is not something that should be moving forward point for you. Yeah, there is money in this trade as well. But apart from that, it is a great way to send, transfer and receive money, better than anything. Nothing better and more secure is being created by human beings right now. We are getting rid of physical cash already. Crypto is not going anywhere, people think it will be dead, and we have been hearing this for long.”

Nazaryan's crypto company is going to be live with his exchange very soon and he also plans to lunch its NFT platforms. Nazaryan explains: “The platforms are mostly oriented towards athletes. It is a great way for the artist to step up their game and not only artists, athletes, pop stars, voxstars, beginning signers, bloggers. whoever wants to earn through their talent can do it through NFT. “

For people planning to become a businessman or live their dream as Nazaryan did, he advises: “You have to have the hunger. It is never going to be enough, I am not thinking about it being enough.”

Nazaryan’s story provides a robust indication that steady credence, smart and futuristic choices can lead people to become more successful businessmen. Thousands of people doing various kinds of jobs in the UAE must think to elevate to the next level, quit their jobs and initiate their own businesses.

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