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Business Coach and Credit Educator Shonda Martin Is Helping Thousands of People Improve Their Financial Life

Filed on September 29, 2021

Like your general physical health, having healthy financial practices is equally important to living a happy life. It helps you lay a solid foundation for a financially secure future. Unbeknown to many, being financially healthy does not imply one's ability to afford the good things, luxuries, or vacations that come at a hefty price. It's simply the ability to develop or adopt sound and informed money management skills. As Shonda Martin puts it, “A financially healthy life is more of gaining financial freedom and independence, allowing you to take care of your life goals without much stress.”

Shonda is the founder and CEO of Road To 750 LLC, a credit education company that offers financial education to millennials. The company focuses on highlighting the importance of obtaining a good credit score to help them in their lives. Shonda points out that a good credit score is the foundation of a financially healthy life. A qualified business coach and educator, Shonda has dedicated herself to helping thousands across the world improve their financial life.

Shonda partners with other reputable financial institutions and firms to deliver her teachings. Some of the companies she has worked with include Experian and Smart Credit. The successful entrepreneur also helps other aspiring entrepreneurs start their businesses by guiding them correctly. Her teachings start by imparting knowledge on how to gain a sound credit score. Access to credit should be a basic need for everyone, but many lack money management skills and knowledge, which leads them to misappropriate the funds.

Through her programs, Shonda has reached over 30,000 individuals, helping them improve their credit scores and financial awareness. Her teachings have also resulted in closing over 20,000 new homes, with over 6,000 cars purchased and over 5 million dollars of credit limits.

Today, Shonda runs one of Facebook's largest credit education groups with over 350k members. She is also big on TikTok with over 600k followers, where she regularly shares financial-education-based content. An experienced businesswoman, Shonda has constantly maintained a 5-star rating for over four years in business.

According to Shonda, financial education should be easily accessible to everyone. Most people want to have a healthy relationship with their finances, but only a few have access to the relevant data. This informs Shonda's dedication to educating people on using their credit properly and being responsible with their cards. It's bleak to know that many people are afraid to open credit cards due to a lack of knowledge. She believes that such people can open their financial portfolios up more and increase their credit scores along the way.

As a female entrepreneur in a male-dominated field, Shonda says that the journey has not been easy. She has faced numerous challenges along the way regarding credibility, but her results have always spoken for themselves. She has risen against all odds to succeed, and now she is actively looking to empower others to find their financial freedom.

She aspires to see herself doing financial segments on daytime TV to extend her reach. Currently, Shonda is working on a YouTube realty-based show about teaching credit and hints at having partnered with the biggest financial institutions around the world.

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