KT@42: Inspiring the youth

Hear it from our youngest readers on why the paper means so much to them

How do you raise a reader? Engage with them, when they're young. We've been happily doing that and it's been a rewarding journey. Our young readers love our print edition, devour our digital content, and enjoy our multimedia efforts. Read about what these young voices have to say about us.
My grandfather, Dr Ram Buxani, a resident of the UAE for the past 60 years, has been reading Khaleej Times since the day it published its first edition. He often says that he has a look at it (KT) even before his first cup of tea! I am a third-generation KT reader. It is a ritual passed on, a legacy inherited. In this changing world, thank you, KT, for being our constant. Now, I too look forward to reading it every single morning as it brings me news from all over the world and keeps me connected with society at large.
Himakshi Shastri, Year 9, Dubai College, Dubai
My perspective of news changed after I started reading Khaleej Times. Now, I want to read more, it could be because of the interesting headlines or because of sections like Snippets and Ready Reckoner, which give me news in a gist. I like the happy vibe of the paper, especially the section with positive news. Other subdivisions like City Times and WKND are also interesting. But, ever since it reintroduced the wonderful magazine, Young Times, the paper has become my favourite. Thank you, KT, for making me a person who is updated with the latest happenings anytime, anywhere.
Trisha Sayani,Grade 7, GEMS Our Own English High School, Dubai

YOUNG MINDS: (from left to right) Himakshi Shastri, Trisha Sayani, Sravya Nagalakunta, Aaditya & Aditi Gandhi
Initially, the topic of news baffled me. So, I used to read only City Times, but then I started reading the section called Class Act in the main paper and got hooked onto it. I have to thank Khaleej Times for getting me to read news, which I now believe is extremely important, especially during this pandemic. Khaleej Times has never failed me. It engages with its audience across platforms and via tools like e-contests, daily polls, etc. More importantly, it is doing a fantastic job of instilling the habit of reading in its younger subscribers, the Young Times' thinkers. KT For Good is another column that has a tremendous impact on society; not many newspapers have been able to do that.
Sravya Nagalakunta, Grade 8, The Indian High School, Dubai
Khaleej Times has proved to be a wonderful platform that disseminates the latest news in a factual and timely manner. As readers, we are always informed, educated, alerted and entertained with objectivity. By offering free access to the e-paper, KT has reiterated its commitment towards its readers, espe- cially during these times of Covid-19. KT For Good is one of our favourite sections as it covers inspiring stories of people from all walks of life. In our opinion, Khaleej Times certainly embodies the true spirit of the UAE in terms of its vision, brilliance, honour, empowerment, innovation and benevolence. We know we can always depend on you!
Aditi Gandhi, Year 7 & Aaditya Gandhi, Year 9, The Winchester School, Dubai

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