UAE jobs: Over 5,000 jobseekers benefit from career counselling in 3 months

The services, through individual or group sessions, support Emiratis to work in professions that fit their qualifications



Published: Wed 12 Apr 2023, 1:38 PM

More than 5,000 Emiratis benefited from career counselling services offered by the Emirati Talent Competitiveness Council (Nafis) in collaboration with the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation (MoHRE) from the beginning of 2023 until the end of March.

Ahmad Al Nasser, Assistant Undersecretary for National Human Resources Development at MoHRE, said, "Career counselling aims to qualify Emiratis across the UAE and equip them to compete in the private sector, introduce them to its challenges, and educate them about the skills in demand within targeted economic sectors.

"The services, through individual or group counselling sessions, also support Emiratis to work in jobs that fit their qualifications by evaluating the occupational tendencies of jobseekers and those employed."

He added, "Career counselling sessions focus on several pillars, most notably the benefits of working in the private sector, job search tools, understanding the requirements of the job market, and developing individual development plans to boost applicants' chances at attaining suitable jobs.

"These sessions enable Emirati participants to be partners in the private sector's prosperity and active contributors to the growth of priority economic sectors that support the local economy."

More than 4,500 individual counselling sessions were organised since the beginning of the year for two categories – jobseekers (included more than 3,000 UAE nationals) and those working in the private sector with less than a two-year experience (around 1,500 UAE nationals).

More than 500 Emiratis benefited from three group career counselling sessions. The first session was aimed at developing the skills of those newly employed, employees facing challenges in the work environment, and jobseekers. It also tackled self-improvement, how to develop oneself for personal and professional success, boosting self-esteem, developing a sense of self-responsibility, and the secrets to being self-made. Attendees also had the opportunity to discuss how to get experience that enhances a fresh graduate's competitiveness, how to deal with society's negative perception of the private sector, and how to overcome the pressures of private sector employment.

Approximately 160 newly employed and job-seeking Emiratis participated in the second session, which revolved around defining psychological stress and its causes, emotional intelligence, and teaching some skills to relieve work pressures. The session's attendees discussed how to utilise and develop skills and competencies in the work environment, adapt to work in the private sector, deal with different cultures in the work environment, and manage emotions so that they do not affect the performance of the required tasks.

Around 200 Emiratis attended the third session which was about creating a competitive and positive work environment. It addressed the concept of quality of life in the workplace, and how to put a plan in place to create healthy boundaries that balance personal and professional lives.

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