UAE: Here are the skills employers are looking for in job applicants post Covid

Experts recommend that candidates' CVs clearly reflect the new requirements expected of them

By Waheed Abbas

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Published: Fri 28 Jan 2022, 10:23 AM

The Covid-19 pandemic has brought many new skills and requirements to the business world. Thus, companies are looking for candidates equipped with these new skills. Hence, their resumes must reflect these points clearly.

“Since most companies are now international or working with remote teams across regions, knowing two or more languages has become one of the top distinguishing hiring factors. In addition, highlighting one’s projects and freelance gigs can help them make up for any lack of experience in a certain field as well as display their passion for the job at the same time,” said Anjali Samuel, managing partner, Mindfield Resources.

In addition, candidates also highlight how they managed the chaos and complexity during the first 100 days of the Covid-19 pandemic.

For the executive roles, companies are looking for professionals that have shown flexibility and adaptability, critical thinking, digital literacy, maturity and courage to take the business forward during the tough pandemic days, said Samuel.


Deepa Sud, CEO of Dubai based HR business transformation and executive search consultancy Plum Jobs, says urgency to fill vacancies with an abundance of available candidates, sifting through a high volume of irrelevant CVs results in the wrong candidate being selected because all the hiring stakeholders are under pressure.

“There is no stigma attached to being laid off because of Covid-19, and candidates should not try to hide this fact. Many candidates fail to see the significance of being honest about their employment gaps because it may be to their advantage when a company is looking to hire someone who is available immediately,” said Sud.


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