Emirati youth assaulted by masked man in London: Report

Emirati youth assaulted by masked man in London: Report

London - The student was sitting inside his car while he was attacked.

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Published: Mon 26 Mar 2018, 1:59 PM

Last updated: Tue 27 Mar 2018, 6:49 PM

An Emirati youth was assaulted by a masked man in London. Videos of the incident, that went viral on social media, showed a man, who had written offending words on the Emirati's car, attacking and hitting the youth - a student, while causing injuries to his head, reported Emarat Al Youm newspaper.
The man, Abdullah Al Hosni, was quoted by Emarat Al Youm as saying in the report that it was completely unprovoked and he couldn't see any perceivable reason behind the attack. He added that he didn't know the nationality of the attacker, even though his accent gave the impression that he was from North Africa, and not from Iraq as some websites mentioned.

He pointed out that the assaulter screamed at him 'I will slay you', and tried to do just that. The Emirati struggled to save himself, until two Lebanese men came to his rescue and caught hold of the attacker. Later, the police arrived at the site and arrested him.
"The reason of the attack is yet to be ascertained, but it could be racist," Al Hosni, a student of business administration in a London university, told the Emarat Al Youm. Investigations are on.
The Emirati said that he found the man writing offending words - like 'War' - on his parked car with a black spray. He tried to prevent him from doing so, when the man attacked him with the spray can and hit him many times, the newspaper reported.
He added that he tried to call the police while defending himself from the attacker. The youth said he was surprised that even though there were many people - who speak Arabic - watching the incident, no one intervened or tried to help him out. Had the two gritty Lebanese not jumped to his rescue, anything could have happened to him. When the duo caught the attacker, Al Hosni removed his mask to see his face.
According to report, the man then begged him not to call the police because he had a family.
Al Hosni said that a series of similar incidents - in which GCC nationals have been targeted - have taken place in the same area, which is near the Times Square. 
He said a day after the assault, he found another car - belonging to a Saudi man - had similar offending words written on it.

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