What's in a weekend? Facts and figures

Whats in a weekend? Facts and figures

Abu Dhabi - The restaurants and lounges serve over 5,250 covers during the weekend.

Here's what the hotel in the thick of it, the YAS Viceroy, has to go through over the weekend:
As F1 drivers tend to have regulated diets, the hotel's chefs work with the teams to prepare special menus to suit their needs. A typical pre-race meal might include chicken (or another protein like fish) and vegetables. However, some drivers still prefer to eat carbohydrate-rich foods such as pasta ahead of a race to provide energy. Examples of special dishes include:

  • Rolled oats and rice milk shakes
  • Soy tofu with soba noodles in sodium free soy, fugu fillets
  • Organic gluten free /soy free / dairy free healthy bars
  • Whey and rolled oats energy bars
  • Quinoa baked organic chewy cookies
During the race weekend, the hotel's valet service witnesses some incredible cars. Last year the following could be found in the car park:
x1 Bugatti                  
x14 Lamborghini        
x16 Rolls Royce  
x54 Porsche        
x78 Ferrari    
x1 Batmobile!
To cater towards specific guests' culinary needs during the weekend, with the finest ingredients delivered from across the world, for example white truffles from Alba, salmon from Scotland, crab from Alaska and lobster from Boston to name a few.
Yas Viceroy sells roughly 3,000 bottles of Champagne during the weekend.
1,000 staff members are on site (both internal and external) to assist with the smooth running of the event.
Guests collectively consume over half a ton of lobster over the course of the weekend.
The restaurants and lounges serve over 5,250 covers during the weekend.
Footfall through the hotel normally amounts to 8,000 guests per day.
Over 500 treatments including facials, body massages, manicures and pedicures are booked in advance at ESPA for the 3 day-weekend.    

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