Space and effect

Space and effect

Vaastu consultant Padmaja Yadav talks to Enid Parker about how ordinary spaces can be infused with positive energies and the benefits, both personal and professional, that accrue

Local Vaastu and Feng Shui practitioner Padmaja Yadav is on a mission to educate people about the benefits of introducing the two ancient sciences into their homes. Vaastu Shastra is the traditional science of architecture that helps one live in harmony with nature by harnessing the benefits of the five elements — sky, earth, water, fire and wind. Padmaja Yadav explains that Vaastu taps positive cosmic energy, which brings about an overall sense of well-being. She will be conducting free Vaastu seminars during the upcoming Indian Property Show at the Dubai World Trade Center.

Here she tells City Times how people can benefit from these practices, both personally and professionally – and why cynics should have a little faith in them.

How according to you does Feng Shui and Vaastu help people in their personal and professional lives?

Vaastu and/or Feng Shui are two catalysts for growth in all aspects of life. Health, wealth, prosperity and happiness can be enhanced in our lives by means of these two. Proper guidance and expert advice is the secret. A proper understanding of directions and space around us makes it easier to work towards our goals in life - personal or professional.

A lot of people don’t have the luxury of constructing their own homes and have to settle for readymade homes. How do they incorporate Vaastu into their home lives?

No property is 100% Vaastu compliant. This is very much applicable in today’s lives even if one is constructing one’s own property. In such cases it becomes all the more important to understand the directions and energy in the space. Once that has been done, by usage of various means with respect to one’s requirements, financial limitations and interiors of the property, one can positively energize the space.

How would you apply both practices to your professional life?

Both these can be applied to our personal and professional lives by various means. Aesthetics, proper re-arrangement of articles around us, usage of space as per its strengths, introducing certain elements, proper colours etc. can help us recharge a space and use it to our benefit.

How would you convince cynics of the usefulness of these practices?

This is a science and not a religious practice. One has to see and experience its results to practice it. Once you have done it, it is not possible not to practice it. It is a science based on certain rules and principles. We don’t know how medicines react within our body to cure us of our physical ailments. That doesn’t mean we do not believe in medical science or don’t trust our doctors.

Dubai is flooded with so called ‘Feng Shui’ products. How do you distinguish between authentic and false ones in the market?

The availability of so many products can lead to confusion. If the product is meant for a certain purpose its job is to energize that specific zone in the property. Therefore the product has to be charged. Open, loose products lose their energies as everyone touches them to check them. Also, the product alone can do no magic. They have to be placed only under expert guidance.

Tips for enhancing positive energy
  • Burn camphor, oudh, aroma candles etc. to burn negativity.
  • Avoid plastic flowers and plants. If possible use fresh ones.
  • Facing North or East gives better output for staff at work and students in studies.
  • Entrances should always be well lit and welcoming.
  • It is advisable to keep rearranging the furniture once in a while to avoid stagnation of energy.
  • Happiness and relationships can be enhanced by placing family pictures in the house.

Event details

  • What: Free Vaastu seminars
  • Where: Indian Property Show, Dubai World Trade Center
  • When: June 21-23 between 5-6pm

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