Robert De Niro responds to Jon Voight, calls him delusional

Robert De Niro responds to Jon Voight, calls him delusional

Dubai - In Dubai to attend a business event, Academy Award winning actor Robert De Niro lets loose on his pet peeve.

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Sherouk Zakaria

Published: Mon 10 Oct 2016, 5:19 PM

Last updated: Tue 11 Oct 2016, 8:55 PM

Robert De Niro has left no stone unturned when it comes to airing his views about the ongoing US presidential elections. His visit to Dubai was no different.
Asked during a press conference at the Palazzo Versace Dubai on Sunday, if he would ask Presidential nominee Donald Trump a certain question, the Taxi Driver star said, "I don't even know what kind of question to ask him because he's so stupid. There's nothing to talk about."
His statements in Dubai comes after a black and white video was released where he lashes out at the Republican candidate, saying he would love to punch him in the face.
"I would love to punch him in the face," repeated De Niro to a laughing audience. "I'm so angry that this fool has got to this point that he makes us angry and he just cannot be elected President," he told the audience.
The 73 year-old was in Dubai to promote the Caribbean tourism sector where he has invested $250 million in a resort project in Barbuda. Responding to Academy Award-winning actor Jon Voight who took to social media on Saturday to criticise fellow actor De Niro's disparaging remarks about Trump, De Niro responded, "Voight is a nice guy, but he's delusional."
"The Republican party has rationalised that his guy is sane, that this guy should be President; it's awful, they will self-destruct."
Commenting on the growing list of Republicans who withdrew support for Trump, De Niro said, "[Because] How can you align yourself with that, it's shameful."
De Niro urged Americans to go out and vote, expressing his concerns over Trump winning the presidential elections.
"They have to vote, they must vote, it's imperative that you vote, it's a very serious situation."
He added, "Everybody has to be vigilant to make sure that this guy does not become President." He added, "Let's not win by a margin, let's make sure he's crushed.. that he's not around because he represents so many horrible things."
Born in New York, the same state Trump was born in, De Niro quoted Colin Powell's statements on the Presidential nominee being "a national disgrace."
"He has no clue about what goes on in the rest of the world no matter what he says."
On Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton, De Niro commented, "You might feel that you cannot trust Hillary on certain things, but you feel she's a grown up and she's capable of being President."

Favourite spots in Dubai.
It's my third time in Dubai. I haven't been here long enough. Each time I come, it's pretty quick, but I went to a very nice place in the desert.
I was supposed to come to [Dubai International Film Festival] but I had a film that I was doing. So I would definitely love to be back.

Working with Walken
The actor verified long circulated rumours that he will be working again with Christopher Walken on their upcoming film War with Grandpa after almost 40 years of their first film The Deer Hunter, filmed in 1978. "I'm very happy about that. We are friends," he said.

On the US political climate
It shows people are upset and they should be, about how they have been, you know, overlooked, but at the same time he's not the answer, Trump is definitely not the answer. [Hillary] is a capable sane human being who knows how to run the government or run the country as well as anybody.

On general negative sentiments against Hillary
She's not as warm in some ways as another person. Trump is just a clown, he's a joke. being President is real and I think he's been around so many people who don't say no to him, so he thinks he can do something, so that gets scary. Hillary is a person who certainly has been through it and deserves to be President and will do a very good job.

On method acting
As an actor, I try to find as much as I can about the character, the world around him and I use parts of myself, whatever I feel is applicable to the part. I personalise the role, any kind of creative person personalises what they're doing, it's a matter of your choice, your taste, and what you feel is appropriate and accurate.

On being a director after A Bronx Tale and the Good Shepherd
I love directing. It's very hard to do, it takes another commitment and energy because it lasts a lot longer. I've always thought I can direct five [movies]. Maybe I'll direct one more hopefully but it needs that commitment.

On global citizenships
As the world gets smaller and as people are becoming more dependent on each other as they are now, we have no choice but to be concerned with our own self-preservation as people wherever we are from. Some people are more aware of that than others and that's the way to move forward. Through the internet and forms of technology that make instant communication possible, I think there's a way. There's a downside to that and there's an upside but I think that's going to help, I'm being very optimistic.

On his acting career
Being born to two painters, De Niro said his parents had a profound, yet subtle impact on his acting career. "My parents were happy that I wanted to be an actor. Was there an influence in certain ways? I suppose there is, you know, in a way that is not describable." He added, "I just like to do what I do, as an actor, you try to be as honest as you can in the material that's given. Actors want to tell the truth and be real."

On playing Jake LaMotta in Raging Bull
What interested me about that is the graphic deterioration of [LaMotta] physically. We settled up, so in four months, I could gain as much weight as I could. The first 15 pounds was fun but the rest was pure torture.

On being a founder of Tribeca Film Festival
We always have many amazing films and it's a long process to decide what films to have in the festival and what we unfortunately cannot have. It's a wonderful way of communicating and involving people from all over the world.

Making investments
I did certain projects that you have to really want to do and care about. The one I'm doing in Barbuda, is because it's a beautiful place and worth it for me to make it work because it's a big commitment and I never make promises about anything. What I know is, I take it step by step to get it done, just like [my acting career].

Advice to young actors
I'd say you just got to keep at it and do it because you really love doing it because that's where you get the satisfaction. Don't get disillusioned. I always say 'if you never go, you never know,' for auditions specifically. You have to try ever though you know the odds are against you, you still have to do it.

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