Movie Review: 'Cherathukal' is full of love and laughter

Dubai - This anthology of six stories will stay with you long after you're done watching it.

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Published: Mon 21 Jun 2021, 10:47 AM

The latest anthology movie on the block, Malayalam film Cherathukal, is one that is wrapped with pockets of love and laughter from beginning to end. They are not just six ordinary stories. They are six ordinary stories that have the extraordinary power to linger on even after you’re done watching.

Veyil veezha ve



The opening story follows the life of an adorable old man, a widower, a lone wolf who keeps himself busy throughout the day. The tale highlights the power of love and the magic it can do when you decide to make it a priority overcoming all sorts of barriers. It portrays an innocent yet extremely refreshing bond shared by the old man (did I tell you he has the cutest smile?) and his home nurse, a chirpy young bold girl. The story is packed with soulful conversations, unexpected realisations and a whole lot of love.


The title may seem self explanatory but more than displaying a day in the life of an established dancer it shows her journey to get there. The movie follows a struggling dancer as she discovers and unleashes the passion for the art form that was inside her all along. What stood out in the movie apart from the very talented out-of-the world dancing by the protagonist is the subtlety and elegance of the actors who have done complete justice to their roles. The movie has a charm of its own that makes it stand out.


Packed with action, light and some drama, Diva will get your adrenaline levels high. It depicts young romance in all its naivety. Filled with plot twists and shocking turn of events, Diva will keep you hooked to the screen.


Probably one of my favourites. This story is proof that love doesn’t get tired, that love forgives and that love waits. However long it takes. You’ll be left feeling mushy and happy and desperately wishing that the movie wouldn’t end.



This one hits you hard. This story is powerful, fierce and is an emotional rollercoaster. It revolves around the helplessness of a mother who is forced to do things in order to survive.

It comes as a reality check and strongly shows how a tiny decision you make can have enormous life-altering impacts on another. Making the right decision is not the key to a dilemma, making the right decision at the right time is what really matters and the movie uses this powerful story to bring that out.


A small town boy with big dreams. He is full of ideas and strategies, yet, when it comes to the execution bit of it, he somehow blows it. This is, until a random act of kindness he does for an elderly woman turns his life upside down. It speaks volumes about goodness, the need to make a difference in the world and a desire to succeed that is driven by passion. Packed with quirk, wit and quick humour, the movie grasps your attention till the very end.

If you’re looking for a feel good anthology to enjoy on a Sunday evening with your loved ones, we’d highly recommend Cherathukal. You will carry these six stories and the people in it, with you, long after the credits have rolled and as you carry on with your lives.

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