KT Exclusive: Tiger Shroff and Krishna bring their 'fight' to Dubai

Dubai - The siblings are here to attend their Matrix Fight Night in the city


Ambica Sachin

Published: Sun 13 Dec 2020, 9:25 PM

Last updated: Mon 14 Dec 2020, 8:32 AM

When you are a sibling to a super fit, hyper active, razor-sharp focused young Bollywood actor like Tiger Shroff, chances are that you’re likely to fade into the background. But not if you are Krishna Shroff.

One just needs to glance at her social media profile to realise that this fitness and travel enthusiast and co-founder of MMA Matrix gym is an influencer in her own right. And if there’s one kind of influencer we all need more of, it is someone who can inspire and motivate us to be a better, fitter version of ourselves, which is exactly what Krishna and Tiger hope to achieve through their MMA studios. We caught up with Krishna and Tiger ahead of the Matrix Fight Night in Dubai tomorrow to find out what motivates them and how they managed to put together this event during a pandemic.

What can Dubai expect from the upcoming Matrix Fight Night?

Matrix Fight Night keeps getting bigger and better with every show. This particular fight card we’ve put together is our best yet and I wouldn’t recommend even blinking while you’re watching these fights. We’re excited to launch ourselves in a big way in Dubai with the backing of Dubai Sports Council. The Palazzo Versace Hotel is a beautiful venue and we’re also extremely grateful to be associated with them this time around. Dubai is the ultimate city that merges both the Eastern and Western worlds, so it’s a great platform to have.

In the current context when people are forced to maintain physical distance from each other how do you hope to ensure everyone stays safe?

There have obviously been very specific changes to the way we’ve had to go about and plan this event due to the world’s current scenario; however, we’ve been blessed with a fantastic and very effective team. Regular testing of all the fighters and team members have been conducted and everyone is quarantined for the appropriate amount of time upon arrival in Dubai.

How did you and Tiger get into MMA?

Tiger and I started karate at a very young age. He went on to practicing Taekwondo and then eventually dwelled into some of the other arts like boxing and kickboxing. I didn’t take to it like he did at such a young age, so eventually ended up stopping my practice. However, the sport always stuck with me, and I finally decided to bring my passion to life by opening up MMA Matrix, our MMA and fitness studio in Mumbai. Through that, I began dwelling into the sport a little bit more everyday and found a new love for boxing. I don’t like cardio one bit, so this has definitely helped balance out my overall training.

What motivates you when it comes to fitness? Who’s the one person who inspires you?

I always want to do something to better myself everyday. We’ve only been given this one body, so it’s our duty to take care of it. Also, Tiger being my brother is all the motivation and inspiration I need to get moving. He’s a hard one to keep up with, but I strive to do the best of my ability everyday.

We see you, your mum and Tiger working out in videos - do you believe a family that works out together stays together!

Regardless of working out together or not, we’ve always been a very close knit family, as it’s been just the four of us. However, I do love the fact that we all share the same passion for fitness because we help drive and push each other harder everyday. It’s definitely a bonus.

Krishna, you are very active on social media. What’s the one message Tiger and you would give out to those who look up to you both as far as leading a healthy and fit life is concerned?

I believe everyone’s journey is different. Being fit and healthy isn’t just about one’s physicality. Social media can put a lot of unnecessary pressure on young kids these days and greatly effect their mental health. Trust me, I take 100 of those same photos before choosing the one that makes it to my page. It’s important to not compare yourselves to what’s portrayed online and focus on your own goals at hand. Every person is different and the fitness game is one of trial and error. Take risks and find what works best for YOU.

What are your must visit spots in Dubai. What do you have lined up this time around?

I’ve always said Dubai is a mini Las Vegas close to home! I absolutely love the energy and the vibe of this place. The people are all so friendly, so wherever we go, it’s always a good time because of that. We’re just really looking forward to Matrix Fight Night 5 on December 15th! Due to the unfortunate times we’re in, we’re unable to have a crowd at the event; however, all MMA fans and enthusiasts can stream the event live on our Matrix Fight Night YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram pages.

Tiger on a mission

Tiger Shroff made his debut in Bollywood in 2014 with action film Heropanti. The son of 80s actor Jackie Shroff and his wife Ayesha, the young actor has made a name for himself by helming high-octane action films heavy on hand to hand combat and sheer physicality. He followed up his 2016 hit Baaghi with a sequel in 2018. That was followed by the infamous SOTY2 following which he stood shoulder to shoulder with Bollywood superhero Hrithik Roshan in War. For someone who has been selective with his roles, young Shroff has amassed quite the fan following. His interest in martial arts sets him apart from many of his contemporaries and he’s today seen as an inspirational youth icon. What motivates him? "Just the thought that if I don’t keep pushing myself or working hard to better myself everyday, there’s always going to be someone out there doing just that,” he replies. "I have certain goals in my mind that have been very clear to me from the very beginning of my career, so I won’t stop until I reach each and every one of them.” And you can’t fault his focus.

Matrix Fight Night 5 is on at the Palazzo Versace on December 15 from 7:20pm. The fight will be streamed live on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

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