Holi daze

Holi daze

FOR A MOMENT, forget about Dubai’s many superlatives.

The city’s greatest achievement may be in its wonderful diversity and expression of cultures, and this weekend will prove to be one of the most colourful as Indians across the UAE celebrate the festival of Holi.

Residents from across the city will gather at Dubai Creek Park (Amphitheatre area) this Friday from 10am to 5pm to celebrate this Festival of Colours. Organised by the Indian Association Dubai for the last 25 years, the event promises to be an unforgettably messy and spirited occasion.

Observed by Hindu communities across the globe for thousands of years, Holi marks the coming of spring and is most commonly associated today with the playful throwing of colours. Traditionally, powders containing medicinal herbs were used to stave off fever and other ailments that would come with the changing season.

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