'Help me help others'

Help me help others
Rekha Tourani

Women's empowerment has always been Rekha Tourani's dream and is very close to her heart

By Maán Jalal

Published: Tue 8 Mar 2016, 5:10 PM

DUBAI BASED REKHA Tourani will host a luncheon at Dusty's restaurant in DIFC today on International Women's Day, where all proceeds will be donated to The Dubai Foundation for Women and Children. Rekha spoke to City Times about her aspiration to help women in the UAE.
Could you elaborate on the idea behind this initiative on women empowerment that you're starting on International Women's day?
This is a serious issue. Education and mental strength is key here. I have been through obstacles in my life and surpassed them and come out shining and achieving all my goals by working very hard with integrity and a pure conscience. I want to help women who may not have the mental strength or opportunities in work. If I could wipe one woman's tears, I'd be happy. Starting this initiative is as much for my internal peace as it would be to help other women achieve the same.
What does women empowerment mean to you? Do you believe Dubai provides the right kind of environment to enable women to achieve their goals?
Dubai has the perfect climate for women empowerment. Women ministers are part of the UAE's cabinet. If our leader can be so inspiring and iconic, it's an honour for us to follow. Dubai has given me and my sons everything. I want to empower our Dubai women to achieve their dreams.
Tell us which charities you are donating to and why?
On International Women's day my son's restaurant Dusty's at DIFC and me will be donating our proceeds to The Dubai Foundation For Women and Children. They empower women and tackle violence against them.
What does International Women's Day mean to you?
I'd like everyday to be International Women's day. I had the opportunities to empower myself. If I could be instrumental in sharing that with other women who need help, I will be happy.
What's your message for our readers today?
My message is we are blessed. Help me help others. I'll create the platforms and reach out. Dubai women have hearts of gold. I know. I meet them. With this initiative I want us all to reach out and be accessible to those who need us.
Is there a woman that has had a major influence on your life?
I've learnt from and observed women from different walks of life. Women who have ethics and hopeless devotion to their families and done awe inspiring work, have influenced my thinking. I have been inspired in some way by all of them.

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