Dubai: The new coffee beans on the block

Dubai - A lot is brewing in the city’s caffeine world, from fruity-flavours to vegan lattes.


Purva Grover

Published: Tue 25 May 2021, 11:25 AM

Are you a coffee addict? Well, then here’s some good news for you, provided you aren’t a coffee prude though and are looking to experiment with the new beans in the city. Yes, a lot is brewing in the local caffeine world. Here’s a quick lowdown on how to make the cuppa a tad more interesting.

What’s the deal with fruit-tasting coffee?

Have you ever tasted citrus, stone fruit, and berries in your coffee? Perhaps, you associate the flavours with tea or a grape beverage. Not anymore, for you can take your tastebuds on a coffee adventure with THREE Coffee, the home-grown coffee roaster that works with farmers from Africa, Central America, South America, and Asia-Pacific. Sip into coffees that impart an aromatic and flavourful experience with notes of purple fruits, berries, and florals, and yes, chocolate, caramel and spices too!

Know more:

A crash course in coffee, with every sip

Get ready for a crash course, as you familiarise yourself with words like Chemex, V60 and more! Another home-grown concept, PARKA, the coffee shop, prides itself on serving speciality roasts from around the world. For the uninitiated, Chemex brews coffee via the infusion method, the result is a slower brew and a richer cuppa. You would have provided seen a Chemex brewer in a coffee museum! As for the V60 Coffee Dripper, a filter paper is inserted into the V shape and coffee grounds placed within the filter paper.

Drop by at PARKA, Town Square Dubai Park, Dubai

Around the world over a cuppa

Natural, heirloom, washed, red honey and more, are just a few processes and variety of coffee served at BLACKCOFFEE by Café Younes. Staying true to their 85-year heritage of quality coffee, they specialise in sourcing coffee beans from around the world. Take your pick from choices such as Guatemala Huehuetenango (notes of cherry and hibiscus), Brazil Cascavel Verde (a chocolaty cup of dark molasses flavour), Ethiopia Guji Okoluu (with flavours of stone fruits, plum and milk chocolate), Costa Rica Tarazzu ( with honey-like sweetness and a chocolaty feel) and more.

Drop by at BLACKCOFFEE by Café Younes, Duja Tower, Dubai

An immunity booster and vegan latte, did someone say that?

A twist on the classic lattes, with the much-needed sources of either B12 and Zinc or protein; Costa Coffee's Caramel Latte is a blend of espresso with steamed milk, which is infused with B12 vitamin and sugar-free caramel syrup. For vegans, there's the Coconut and Vanilla, prepared with steamed coconut milk. Can't get enough of Lotus Biscoff? Go in for the Lotus Biscoff Latte, to indulge in creamy caramelised goodness that’s topped off with whipped cream.

Drop by at Costa Coffee outlets across the city

What experts say:

"Coffee is now moving from the passive experience of customers wanting the same thing they had yesterday to them wanting to explore new tastes and flavours. What makes it worth trying is that, if we start to open our minds as to what a cup of coffee can be, there are completely new experiences that await us. We can explore how different regions of the world 'taste' and how these unique microclimates impact how coffee can taste. Speciality coffee and fruity coffee is transcendence from enjoying a “morning cup of Joe” to a rich, sensory experience."

Drew Dennehy, co-founder and general manager, THREE Coffee

"Coffee can be fruity, nutty, with sweet notes or any number of other flavours. These come from the soil and environment the coffee grew in and how it was processed. The specific microclimate or farmer’s preferred processing technique make a single-origin coffee different from others, even in the same area. The world’s four main coffee-growing regions are - South America, which usually produces a mellow acidity and some chocolate, nuts and caramel tones, Central America that might be described as having cocoa notes, fruity and nutty, Africa that is often acidic, exotic, fruity or floral and Asia that are mostly heavy-bodied and spicy."

Amin Younes, Managing Partner, Black Coffee by Café Younes

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