Dubai: Gaggan Mudgal promises a laugh riot with new show

Dubai - Expect some 'clean' stand-up comedy with 'Andherii West.'


Purva Grover

Published: Wed 24 Mar 2021, 8:42 AM

I hail from Delhi, which as by way of assumption suggests that I am unlikely to understand anything Mumbaikar as I am made to believe. I love eating Vada Pav, but that doesn’t make my case stronger either. You get the drift, right? But then, you don’t have to be from a particular place to absorb (or guffaw at) Andherii West, as you take your socially distanced seat at a local performing space in the city. For, whilst the narrative aspires to walk us through a comical, satirical, yet heart-warming journey through the lanes of Andheri West; it is one relatable journey. We’ve all heard tales of what happens to an individual who moves to Mumbai to make it as an actor, haven’t we? And we’ve all struggled for our 15-seconds fame to make it big, someday, somewhere.

This stand-up comedy in Hindi by radio and theatre personality Gaggan Mudgal promises to be an hour of laughter riot, like he says, what the world needs at the moment is humour. He shares, “Lately, especially on social media I have observed that whilst I do share serious pieces of poetry, it’s the humorous pieces that draw maximum reaction, and hence laughter.” Gaggan would be complimenting the script he’s penned with personal anecdotes, as he throws light on what goes through the mind of a struggling actor as he waits for an audition call. Of course, the show will be peppered with life as we know in the world of a pandemic and on social media. Having sat through many local stand-ups in the city and complained about the unnecessary profanity, I look forward to this one, especially as Gaggan aspires to keep this show clean. “There’ll be no swearing or vulgarity,” he adds.

Andherii West, priced at Dh80 (13+), is on at 8pm at The Junction, Alserkal Avenue on Thursday, March 25.

Tickets available at

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