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Always losing your keys? Congratulations, you might be a genius...

All is Lost (2013)

Whereas Alfonso Cuaron’s Gravity bagged both the awards and the box office megabucks last year, All is Lost had to make do with just a handful of accolades (including a Golden Globe for Alex Ebert’s original score).

The two films are similar in that they both deal with a lone protagonist stranded in a dangerous environment and battling to return to civilisation – Sandra Bullock from a defunct space station and Robert Redford from a sinking yacht.

While writer-director JC Chandor’s previous effort, 2011’s Wall Street drama Margin Call, featured an intricate and dialogue heavy script, All is Lost is an almost wordless story of man versus nature.

Redford, 77, peels back the years to play an unnamed sailor known simply as Our Man, who is sailing across the Indian Ocean when his vessel’s hull is ripped open. The unforgiving sea quickly tries to swallow the imperiled yachtsman, as he fights for his life against the odds.

It’s an intriguing and unsettling watch, best recommended for those seeking a challenge away from Hollywood’s cookie cutter templates.

Starring: Robert Redford

Love Connection

WHILE BRAD SIMPSON is learning to cope with the trappings of pop stardom as frontman of The Vamps, Ireland Baldwin has lived her entire life surrounded by celebrity.

The 18-year-old daughter of Alec Baldwin and Kim Basinger, who stands at a statuesque 6’2”, has started to make waves of her own as both an in-demand model and socialite. Meanwhile Brad, also 18, has risen from his humble roots in the English Midlands to become hot property in both the UK and abroad.

Having supported the likes of Taylor Swift and The Wanted, The Vamps have registered hits with Can We Dance and Wild Heart, and have already started on their quest to conquer the States.

Brad’s music career is looking up, as would he with Ireland on his arm.

DESPITE BEING ACKNOWLEDGED as one of the smartest people ever to walk the planet, Albert Einstein was notoriously absent-minded.

The German-born genius, who was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1921, was terrible at losing possessions – continually misplacing his keys and accidentally leaving belongings behind. Also, while finishing letters, Einstein would regularly sign the name of the person he was addressing rather than his own.

On the other hand, it is a myth that Einstein struggled at school. He did well at subjects which interested him, although his grades were more uneven in disciplines that didn’t hold his attention.

You Tube

Goat games

IF YOU THINK a goat’s life isn’t much fun, well…you’d be right – but still, this animal trio can keep themselves entertained. With a flexible steel ribbon set up in their field, the goats take it in turns to jump aboard the wobbly structure and try to retain their balance. The game isn’t that easy though, as there’s always someone new trying to join in.

To see the clip, visit www.youtube.com and type ‘Goats playing’ into the search box.

Just for Laughs

Why did the lettuce get arrested?

For disturbing the peas.

Mole of the Emirates

Overheard from conversations around Dubai this week…

  • “I’m not sure about this bark mite.”

  • “Ooh we love black holes.”

  • “It was very memorable, but I don’t remember it.”

  • “As a wedding gift, I have decided to forgive you for never returning my chess board.”

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