Meydan Delights Dubai Race Lovers

DUBAI - Mohammed Abdul Nasser Al Khayat, Commercial Director of Meydan, said they are expecting to get back a greater part of their investments in the project within a very short period of time through direct and indirect revenues.

By Hisham Al Gizouli

Published: Sat 30 Jan 2010, 12:28 AM

Last updated: Mon 6 Apr 2015, 5:22 AM

“The cost have exceeded Dh 10 billion in what we believe to be an exceptional racecourse and the diverse mix of commercial, residential and leisure plots,” he confirmed.

“The direct revenues come from the sales activities while tourism promotion will represent the unforeseen sources of our revenues,” he said.

“We have space even for the wedding parties,” he clarified.

The iconic Meydan racecourse will be officially inaugurated in the 15th running of the Dubai World Cup on March 28, 2010.

“This is not everything. It’s just the first of our ambitious horse racing facility to welcome racegoers in the new grandstand and racecourse on the opening of the seventh running of the Dubai Racing Carnival.

“It is the world’s largest and longest ‘landscaper’ with a span of 1.6kms,” he added.

“The grandstand has seating for 20,000 and a capacity for 60,000 spectators on race days. In total, our expected attendance during the 2010 season is 300,000.”

The grandstand consists of several interlocked elements with the new The Meydan hotel accounting for 33 per cent of the development; 95 per cent of the hotel’s rooms look out directly on to the course.

“The central section of the grandstand – the main seating areas, corporate suites and the architecturally magnificent ‘bubble bar’ – are all covered by a 426m x 56m roof.

“On the upper side of the roof there are 8000 solar panels which generate 750kw contributing to Meydan being a truly green development,” he concluded.

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