Home Decor: How to make use of Colour of the Year 2022

Can’t get hold of very peri? Here are the hues that come closest to capturing the essence of Pantone’s Colour of the Year

By Chakshika Sharma

Published: Thu 13 Jan 2022, 7:35 PM

Pantone Colour of the Year has been announced and we cannot keep calm. For the first time in history there is a brand new shade which represents creativity, transformation and innovation.

According to some industry experts, ‘Very Peri’ is symbolic of the global movement which merges digital and physical worlds together.

The shade falls under blue colour family but with red undertones that speak for change and optimism. The shades of lavender and hues of blue have been used in last two years in commercial installments, lighting, art exhibitions and, in fact, in the fashion and beauty world as well.

Do you like the carefree, joyous and daring nature of Very Peri but are scared to go overboard with this colour in your home décor? Fear not, below are the ways in which you can incorporate the essence of the new shade: Pantone 17-3938 without getting too overwhelmed by it.

Work the punch

This dynamic shade infuses hopefulness that combines realism and escapism which, in turn, brings newness into our home’s interiors. Work your way through the punchy hue into the modern spaces and create unusual colour pairings. Sage green has proven to be a popular shade in the last two years. The muted sage green will allow Very Peri to be the limelight of the interior space. The Pantone colour leans into lavender tone which is found outdoors, so it makes sense to stick to earthy tones of neutral and natural colours.

To use the playful tone in upholstery

Use this bold and imaginative colour by creating some accent pieces, like a printed lounge chair, or a vibrant curved sofa against a neutral backdrop. Or the simpler way will be to inject this colour into your bedding like a duvet cover.

Rugs can be featured too

Home accessories are the best way to experiment with this colour. Rugs can be used in the interior space to display the cheerfulness of the colour. The vintage style themes could be integrated in the space, and it will be a perfect mixture of the old and the new. Add the colour to any texture and finish to create more depth in the design of your home.

Set your table in the hues of purple

How exciting will it be if you look around your dining area and have some dried lavender or accent cutlery that immediately enhances your mood. You can use dried pampas grass with lavender flowers, table napkins or table cover. Throw pillows also act as a stimulating attribute in the interior design.

Not to ignore wall coverings

As mentioned before, there can numerous combinations with the shade ‘Very Peri’, but one way to blend the colour is to use the patterned, printed or plain wallpaper against the neutral or any colour pairing you want to indulge in. Wallpaper not only enhances the room but adds a certain level of texture, depth and pop of colour to plaid dull walls.


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