5 things to keep in mind when using indoor plants

Looking forward to adding a touch of greenery to your interiors? First, assess your space

By Chakshika Sharma

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Published: Thu 21 Apr 2022, 9:32 PM

Whether it’s a succulent cluster in the corner of your bookshelf or a secret garden cove under your staircase, houseplants have been one of the biggest home décor trends lately. Take one scroll through Instagram and you’ll get hundreds of ideas on how to decorate your space. Plant room décor is having a major moment right now. If you are eager to start your journey with plant décor, here’s how you find the right plant-inspiration for your space.

Assess your space

If you’re looking forward to adding a touch of greenery to your interiors, then you need to first assess your space. Plants can fit in any room, big or small, but we’ll have to determine which type of plants would work best. For example, small potted vases or wall planters would be perfect for a small area and a large sculptural planter would fit a comparatively larger space maybe with double height or distinct ceiling design. Also keep in mind, the requirements of natural daylight and water for different kinds of plants.

Vibrant vignette

Don’t setup the same type of plants in one room. Instead, create a visual interest by playing with sizes and height. It’s a creative way to liven up your space and make it a focal point in the room. Mix different types of plants, arranging taller and bigger ones, in a random mix. You can also add another layer of accessories like vases, books and a few ceramic sculptural pieces. Be sure in selecting the right container for your plants. It should match your interior style as well as have a good drainage quality. Clay and ceramic pots make the best impressions. There are resin pots as well and natural jute rattan baskets. Monstera plants add vibrance and need less maintenance. Others options include air plants, snake plants, cascading pothos and bird of paradise.

Enhance your room with tablescape

Ditch the old pots and planters. Instead, you can decorate your living room cum dining area with a central foliage feature. Set your table with a mixture of greenery and florals. Garland greenery is the new trend. You can even decide the type of plant you want to go for like red-dried plant, faux plants or white or pink flowers. Throw in some candles, extra features and make sure your garland runs through the entire table length. Otherwise, you can curate a cosy cluster with huge set of planters, accent armchair and a bookshelf with a textured rug and a gorgeous candle. Palms and fiddle leaf fig tree work best for lazy corners.

Central focal point

If you are looking for a minimal touch for decorating indoor plants, focus on one type of greenery and make it a central point in the room. It’s better to keep the focal point at the entrance or a coffee console, with a eucalyptus plant. It has a texture, an organic feel and a dose of colour. And if you want to get something for the windowless rooms, you can opt for a snake plant, which will add the same kind of dramatic effect.

Not compulsory to go for green

Faux plants are the upcoming major trend. The pampas grass brings beachy vibe and texture to the room, without taking up much space. It’s perfect for people who aren’t good at keeping the plants alive. Dried plants and flowers can be a simple feature yet give the space a fresh take on indoor plant décor.

For more plant options according to your mood and needs, a big shoutout to the store Green Revolution opened in Business Bay, Dubai recently designed by Designsmith.


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