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Spotless & Flawless Cleaning Services are eco-friendly and professional in essence Spotless & Flawless Cleaning Services are eco-friendly and professional in essence

Published: Sun 30 Sep 2018, 6:02 PM

Last updated: Thu 1 Jul 2021, 4:00 PM

Spotless & Flawless Cleaning Services is a valuable addition, and it has holistic solutions for its customers. The Dubai-based company offers a variety of cleaning services to residential and commercial clients, and is recognised for its exclusivity. It primarily caters to office cleaning services, and is also popular for home chores. 
The company has maintained very high standards of cleaning services, and is uncompromising in quality and work schedule. It says it believes in empowering its customers, and wants them to be in peace of mind, as well as hygienic conditions are concerned. 
This is why its mission statement proudly says that it wants to be the best in the emirates for housekeeping and cleaning. It has a professional and apt team of more than 20 people, and the cleaners are trained by experts from the hospitality industry.
The origin of Spotless & Flawless Cleaning Services LLC lies in the United States. Ms. Laila Abdul Rasheed, the CEO and proprietor, thought of establishing a cleaning services unit in the UAE. It was born out of her passion for neat home and office environment, which is much in demand in the emirate. The company now caters to all of the emirates. It also offers manpower for cleaning services. 
Sravani Kolukola, Administrative Executive, says that the company offers 5-star commercial and residential cleaning services, and the chemicals used are eco-friendly. Moreover, the staff is well-disciplined and adheres to norms of professionalism, and are apt in handling relevant machines for cleaning.
Visit: www.spotlessandflawless.com

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