How to choose the right outdoor furniture


Centre Pole Multiple Canopy Umbrella by La veranda Home And Garden
Centre Pole Multiple Canopy Umbrella by La veranda Home And Garden

...because it's the season to sit out and enjoy the weather

By Mihir Sanganee

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Published: Thu 23 Jan 2020, 11:00 PM

Last updated: Thu 1 Jul 2021, 3:53 PM

The onset of new year is always a magical time in the UAE, the weather is great, DSF is on and people are out and about, enjoying the outdoors. It's time to fire up the grill, hang the festoon lights and call over your friends and family for an evening to enjoy the outdoors, probably with a barbeque. We are here to help you get your backyard and your patio furniture on point so that your soirées remain unforgettable. Shopping for outdoor furniture is always tricky, a considerable time of the year goes in the sweltering weather and the high temperatures are usually a maintenance nightmare if the furniture is not chosen correctly. So, let's put on our planning hats and go through the basics of choosing outdoor furniture.

It is very important to understand the space for which you are buying the furniture. Ask yourself specific questions about the function that the space serves. For example, what do you use the space for? Do you need a buffer counter outside ? How many people intend to use that space regularly? Is the specific style of furniture suitable for your space and functionality? Does it go with the rest of your home's personality ? These questions will be the guiding point to establish a brief about your outdoor furniture requirements. Often, people find themselves in a situation where they buy furniture based on an idea or a style but, is completely unsuitable to their space and the above questioning exercise should help you avoid that.

Now that you've successfully established your requirements, let's move on to the next step - choosing the right material for your outdoor furniture. Like all other furniture, it's always preferable to buy products made from quality materials and manufacturers instead of the cheaper inferior counterparts. The most important reason for this being the long-term maintenance. We live in a very distinct climate zone and your outdoor furniture is exposed to one of the highest levels of the sun's radiation. Outdoor furniture should age gracefully, should be weather-proof and last you a few years. To generate the value for your money, few of our recommended materials for the outdoor furniture would be natural solid wood, especially teak. Aluminium and rattan form a strong collaboration and are suitable for the region, too. These materials are not only low on maintenance, they also add to the warmth and earthiness of the space.  

And last but not least, accessorise! There is no better way of adding a personal touch to your space. If you have a colour scheme in your home, extend it in your outdoor space. Your décor - be it modern, contemporary, classical or tribal - can always be accessorised to complement your design. And the best part, you can keep changing these to suit the needs of your space.
Having the right kind of fabric colours, centrepieces, vases, planters, and tiki lamps can transform your backyard.   
Now that you have the keys to revamping your outdoor area, set the tables, fire up the barbie and throw the most amazing soirées.
Mihir Sanganee is Design Director, Designsmith

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