UAE: Teen sheds 40kg in 41 weeks after losing obese friend to Covid-19

The 17-years-old now wants to inspire people of his age on losing weight and staying healthy

By SM Ayaz Zakir

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Abood Douri. Photo: Supplied
Abood Douri. Photo: Supplied

Published: Tue 14 Dec 2021, 5:47 PM

Last updated: Tue 14 Dec 2021, 5:50 PM

17-years-old Abood Douri, along with his friend, was on a weight loss journey to follow a healthy lifestyle.

Before they could reach their goal, Abood lost his friend to Covid-19, but that did not deter the teenager from focusing on the plan they both devised together.

The death of his friend inspired Abood to lose weight quicker and faster.

From weighing over 100 kilograms, Abood was missing out on much in his life, from playing football to enjoying some rides at amusement parks.

Abood shed about 40kgs to experience what he missed out in life in just nine months - all thanks to his dedication, rigorous workout, and diet plan.

"It feels great losing my visceral fat. I am now physically, mentally and emotionally stronger," said the Canadian expat.

The teenager now wants to inspire people of his age and the older ones on losing weight and staying healthy.


Abood said that he had heard about the repercussions of being obese, which frightened him.

"I tried attending many gyms to lose weight in the past as I noticed I was gaining weight very fast. I know that being obese is very dangerous at a young age as it can be fatal."

Obesity had hit the family hard. It was not just Abood who was overweight, but his father, Amer Douri was also overweight.

After witnessing his father's transformation, who was 120kgs and lost about 35kgs in just 3 months, Abood joined Ultimate Performance.

"Hope and inspiration grew in me as I saw my father's drastic transformation. With no second thoughts, I started the rigorous workout and followed a strict diet plan."

Abood was quite excited because he wanted to include healthy food to his regular diet.

"I enjoyed making healthy food every day, different meals, and it was a nice experience. After the first two months, I just got used to the routine. Everyone asked me, 'How are you not eating rice?'"

Talking about his friend, Abood pointed out, "When he got Covid-19, he told me it was hard for him to breathe, and he felt very tired most of the time. The problems he was facing, I realised, were not only because of Covid but because of his weight and his lifestyle. It motivated me more and I wanted to tell others to maintain a healthy lifestyle so this doesn't happen to them too."


He said that he was constantly taunted due to his weight and advised by friends to get healthy and lose weight.

"Now the tables have turned around, and I am the one who is giving them advice, and they're proud of me."

Abood is now on a journey to share his experience on how it has made a difference in his life by only bringing about positive change.

"Looking at my transformation, a few of my friends have also joined the training to shed those extra pounds and also to stay healthy," Abood added.

A Gems First Point School student, Abood said that he dropped many jaws and raised many eyebrows when he went back to school after the reopening.

"They were in shock after seeing me," Abood concluded.

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